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Master Mind Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 16, 2015 • Kannada ]
Master Mind Review
Kumar Govind Films
Rajvardhan, Kumar Govind, Thamanna, Bhakthi, Divya Gowda, Bullet Prakash
Kumar Govind
Kumar Govind
M Fazil

Title - MASTER MIND, Banner - Kumar Govind Films, Direction - Kumar Govind, Camera - AC Mahendran, Music - Fazil M, Cast- Rajavardhan, Kumar Govind, Tamanna, Divya Gowda, Bhakthi, Bullet Prakash
and others.

A remake of ‘Old Boy’ made in Korean language in 2003 ‘Master Mind’ has something strange in the beginning. Later it looks typical Indian film. Veteran in the field of cinema Kumar Govind falls
flat in understanding the present needs of cinema goers. He has given a routine ‘Anna Thangi’ (brother and sister) sentiment with Bangkok background. It is a lackluster narration that makes it

The power of the hero Rajavardhan is curbed. He looks well built and a few chilling scenes expected from him does not come on screen. The game of death as caption for ‘Master Mind’ title
has wafer thin reference at the climax of the film. Locking up of the protagonist for three years as punishment has no substance and he practices martial arts in this period but they do not come
to his help. The protagonist is underdog.

The business tycoon Kumar Govind, his sister Divya Gowda and Rajavardhan are working in the same office. The efficiency of architect Rajavardhan wins the
heart of Divya. Divya wants to romance with Rajavardhan that is mistaken in the later days. Rajavardhan on the other hand marries a girl of his parents choice irks Divya. Divya dies out of
frustration. On this lethal blow in life Kumar Govind takes revenge on Rajavardhan. He gives series of punishments to him. Finally it turns out to be a sweet revenge. Rajavardhan looks macho but
nothing has come out to get him a good stay in the days to come. Kumar Govind looks strained; Divya Gowda, Bhakthi and Tamanna are Ok in looks. Bullet Prakash from comedy track is serious in this

Fazil has done good work in two tunes. Cinematographer AC Mahendran captured the Bangkok localities beautifully.

Score - 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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