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Season : 1Episode : 1Release Date : 18/08/2023


A gripping crime drama that skillfully weaves suspense, strong performances, and a tightly-woven narrative to captivate audiences."

Rating - 4 / 5

Mathagam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 18, 2023 ]

"Mathagam Review : Unleashes a Crime Thrill Blitz on Disney+ Hotstar - An Electrifying Ride!"

"Mathagam" is a gripping Tamil-language series that airs on Disney+ Hotstar. The story revolves around the conflict between law enforcement and a cunning criminal syndicate. It is an absorbing narrative with Director Prasad Murugesan creating it together with crime elements and drama to keep viewers engaged from beginning to end.

Spinning over a tight 30-hour timeframe, the tale unfolds as an ardent IPS officer Ashwath (Atharvaa) bit into a nefarious criminal syndicate founded by the facially enigmatic Padalam Sekar aka Whale (K Manikandan). With Murugesan's deep entrenchment schemes ambushed with a cat-and-mouse game reminiscent of the acclaimed series "The Wire" as phone surveillance and strategic pursuit put Ashwathan in line closer to unravelling corruption within the armoury and the government.

"Mathagam" is a brilliant ensemble cast led by Atharvaa, Manikandan, Nikila Vimal, and DD in the lead roles. The role of an IPS officer that comes with depths to his story as well as Manikandan’s performance as a calculating antagonist add complexities and intrigue to the character dynamics altogether. The ensemble is further magnified on its own with Gautham Vasudev Menon, Dilraz Irani, Ilavarasu, Vadivukarasi, and Moonarnesh portraying supporting roles, which elevate all those layers of emotional and narrative nuances too.

Tightly-woven plot: The series’ tightly woven plot keeps the audience hooked, and Murugesan directs in such a way that every scene serves its purpose. Keeping up a constant momentum throughout, even if the pacing feels deliberate at times, patience is rewarded with a well-crafted narrative that dips into the criminal underworld and what it takes to fight law enforcement’s battles.

Though a few moments of momentum slip, the series thrives on its peculiar rhythms and standout cast performances. Manikandan’s Padalam Sekar is particularly noteworthy, exuding a character that is both mercurial and cerebral, with unexpected layers that add cachet. Atharvaa’s portrayal of Ashwath, though more subdued, captures the watchful determination of a police officer on a mission.

"Mathagam" comes to a spectacularly executed finale, with built-in suspense leading up to an unforgiving cliffhanger, that leaves the audience impatiently waiting for the battle between Ashwath and Padalam Sekar. The series convincingly blends crime, drama, and suspense elements, satisfying fans of this genre. With an impressively designed narrative; strong performances, and diligent direction, "Mathagam" is an outstanding addition to the world of Tamil web series.

Verdict:  A gripping crime drama that skillfully weaves suspense, strong performances, and a tightly-woven narrative to captivate audiences."


Cast: Atharvaa, K. Manikandan, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Nikhila Vimal, Dhivyadharshini, Dilnaz Irani, Ilavarasu, Vadivukkarasi

Director: Prasath Murugesan

Music: Darbuka Siva

Production: Screen Scene Media Entertainment

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