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Mazhai Music Review

Mazhai Music Review
Jeyam Ravi, Shreya, Kalabhavan Mani, Venkat Prabhu, Vadivelu, Charlie, Ambika
SPB Charan
Musical shower
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, September 6, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

Mazhai is produced by SPB Charan and his illustrious father S P Balasubramaniam. The duo, no slouch in music, have opted for Devi Sri Prasad to score the tunes for the film.

Devisri Prasad's music gives the film a good lift. The songs really have special flavor and fervor. The songs, which won Filmfare awards in Telugu, have the right mix of mass and melody in them.

So, there must be some valid reason for the same. The film's Telugu original, Varsham, was a super hit much for its glorious music. The film's music won two Filmfare awards. And when you listen to Mazhai's songs, you understand why.

1) Nee Varumbhodu

The song starts with a folksy ditty with Raqueeb-Alam crooning some earthy lyrics. Then the rain starts, and it never stops----the musical one, we should say. Chitra, always in form, belts out a stunningly vivacious number. Apparently, this is the one that bagged her a Filmfare award in Telugu. The agreeable rhythms and the simple tune along with some inspiring orchestration take the song to great heights. The splash of water and the voice of Kalpana add to the spray ---you feel like being part of a monsooon spell on a lazy evening.

2) Thappe Ille

SP Balasubramaniam is very much the Sachin Tendulkar of South Indian film music. Listen to this number, you will understand how this master is still very much in form. Combining with young Harini, he comes up with the same youthful life and zip. And that's amazing. SPB and Harini are both in great form and that's good news. Devi Sri Prasad has some standard orchestration. If the song fits with it, it usually sounds good. Here it does. On the whole, a raunchy number, the lyrics have an extra spice to them.

3) Isthanbul

The song starts with some enigmatic instrumentation ---- almost Middle East kind of rhythms. But when the lyrics are full of Isthanbul and Sharjah, the song has to be in that genre. It is a typical mass number with lot of heavy instrumentation and heavy-accented and high-throated singing. Providing them are Jassie Gift and Kalpana. The duo don't hold anything back. They give as good as the music director had asked them to.

4) Mannile

Busy with his commitments in production, SPB Charan doesn't sing much these days. The loss is music lovers'. He is such a consummate singer, much like his father. In this song, he is well primed. It is a typical romantic number and he brings the juices of love in his soft voice. Sumangali is an able foil to him.  The orchestration is well moderated, and in fact, is brilliant in some places.

5) Kuchikaruvadu

The first word itself is a give away as to what kind of song this is. Devi Sri Prasad kind of repeats himself by picking a tune from his own (in Thirupachi). he has worked around the tune, but plays the same kind of instruments. Tippu and Sri Lekha Parthasarathy, two energy-filled singers, go for the jugular. The lyrics are innane. But who cares. It will have the front-benchers dancing in the aisle.

6) Muthu Mazhaiye

Sagar sings from his nose. Yet there is an agreeable lilt in his voice. The song too has a beautiful slow cadence, like snow falling on you bit by bit.  Sumangali also chips in her bit in this two-line bit.

All in all, Devi Sri Prasad seems to have delivered.