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Minnaminnikkoottam Music Review

Minnaminnikkoottam Music Review
Nahar Films
Naren, Jayasurya, Indrajith, Manikuttan, Anoop Chandran, Meera Jasmine, Roma, Samvritha Sunil, Radhika
Rakhi Ram
Biji Bal
Bijipal with youthful music
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, August 5, 2008 • മലയാളം] Comments

Music director Bijibal shot to fame through his scores for 'Arabikatha', his debut film. 'Thirike Njan' was one of the best appreciated songs of the movie, which had taken many Malayalees down the nostalgia lane. The musician who  was lucky to begin his career with a film that demanded melodious songs and with a director who is undoubtedly the best in picturing song sequences, then marched on to create some more success stories with his enchanting music. When Bijipal was called on for delivering songs for a movie by the veteran director Kamal, audience naturally expected much from him.  But now after hearing the songs from 'Minnaminnikkoottam', one is sure to rate that the musicians has lived up to the expectations and have succeeded in keeping straight, his track record of creating hits.

'Minnaminnikkoottam' features six songs written by Anil Panachooran, including two tracks that are repeated and a title track. Many of the talented young singers from Mollywood lend their voices for the various songs of the album.

1.'Mizhi Thammil' - The album opens with this love duet in the voices of Renjith and Shwetha. Both the singers have excelled in the smooth rendition of the ghazal type song, with their sensuous vocals. The song features some of the best lines from Anil Panachooran. The song could be a big break for Renjith , who is for the first time becoming a part of a big hit. Bijibal has given controlled orchestration to this lovable number, which is a must hear for those who have a heart for soft melodies. The song is repeated as a solo by Shwetha.

2 'Tharajalam' - The song opens with typical ``ghyal'' sessions and jump over to a group song rendered by Afzal, sujatha,Ganesh Sundharaam, Raguram and Rakhy. It is a trademark song of youth orientation and creates the right mood for fun and frolic. The song has a traditional racy beats coupled with flute interludes in the background. Between the stanzas violin, and shehnai sounds force the audiences to tap their feet unintentionally.

3. `Kadalolam' - This is the best of the songs in the album. A lullaby mood song which grows on you, this is perfected by the best voice among the singing youth, Manjary. Basically a violinist, Bijibal has used the best of violin strains and humming bits for beautifying the song with intense feel. The good use of stringed instruments and the piano interludes strikes the right chord with listeners. The album also features an acoustic instrumental version of this song, which is already in the top of the charts.

4. 'We are in love' - This is a nice peppy song with decent rhythmical beats. Karthick, Vineeth Srenivasan, Sayanora and Soumya sing this song through which Bijipal has proved his mastery over peppy numbers. His shrewd interludes and catchy harmony in steady rapping rhythm deserve special mention. The  lyrics by Panachooran seems  to celebrate everything  even the ''dosa kallu'' to the thanthonnikkilli  at varying points of time .Interspersed with loud electric  guitar,  and rap bits, `Karthik' and Sayanora's  dominant  voices steal the song from the others in the chorus.

5. 'Minnaminnikkoottam' - This is the title music set by Bijipal for the film, supported aptly by the young voices. This is a medley of various pieces of the songs in the album.

Altogether, 'Minnaminnikkoottam' is one of the good albums heard in recent times with right mix of melody and racy beats.  Bijibal's mastery in mixing and instrumentation is the real attraction of the album. On the whole, Bijibal has once again proved that he is cut above the rest in creating quality popular music.