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Miss Perfect

Comedy | Drama

Season : 1Episode : 8Release Date : 02/02/2024


"Miss Perfect" unravels the story of a young professional whose world revolves around meticulous cleanliness, providing an insightful and humorous exploration of her life when mistaken for a maid.

Rating - 2 / 5

Miss Perfect: Minimal Effect

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 3, 2024 ]

"Miss Perfect" unravels the story of a young professional whose world revolves around meticulous cleanliness, providing an insightful and humorous exploration of her life when mistaken for a maid. This engaging narrative delves into the unexpected challenges and comedic situations that arise when societal assumptions clash with her perfectly curated, organized existence.

At the heart of the series is our protagonist, a meticulous individual who takes pride in her pristine lifestyle. However, her world takes a whimsical turn when a case of mistaken identity places her in the role of a maid. The ensuing events unfold in a delightful blend of comedy and drama, as she navigates through the misconceptions, challenges societal norms, and discovers the true essence of her identity beyond the superficial judgments.


Lavanya Rao ( Lavanya Tripathi), grapples with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), setting the stage for a compelling tale of personal challenges and unexpected connections. Her life takes a transformative turn as she returns to Hyderabad from Delhi amid the challenging times of the Covid pandemic.

As the narrative unfolds, a series of intricate developments weaves together the lives of Lavanya Rao, her father Gokul (Harshavardhan), the empathetic maid Jyothi (Abhigna Vuthuluri), the authoritative apartment president Rajalakshmi (Jhansi), and the amiable neighbor Abijeet (Rohit Varma), security guard Seenu (Mahesh Vitta). Each character plays a pivotal role in shaping Lavanya's journey, creating a narrative tapestry that explores the complexities of relationships, mental health, and societal perceptions.


Lavanya Tripathi's portrayal in the web series is noteworthy, showcasing her ability to seamlessly embody two distinct roles with flair. Her performance exudes versatility, engaging the audience with a delightful blend of expressions and emotions, making her a standout in the cast. Rohit Varma and Abhgna Vuthuluri also contribute commendable performances, while others like Harshavardhan and Mahesh Vitta aptly play their respective roles.

Director Vishwak Khanderao, known for his work in Skylab, makes his OTT debut with this web series. Despite the promising ensemble cast, the series, consisting of 8 episodes with a runtime of 25-30 minutes each, encounters a stumbling block in its pacing. While attempting to infuse humor inspired by films like Mahanubhavudu, the director occasionally succeeds but often falls short, relying heavily on laughter at the expense of a more nuanced and original narrative.

The narrative suffers from a lack of novelty, compensated by Vishwak's focus on screenplay and direction. A more refined script, with additional interesting scenes, could have elevated the impact of the series. Unfortunately, the initial episodes are burdened with dull moments, and subsequent ones appear stretched in an attempt to generate more drama.

Prashanth Vihari's music and tunes contribute positively to the series, enhancing the storytelling experience. Aditya Javvadi's cinematography beautifully captures the scenes, while Raviteja Girijala's editing, although leaving room for improvement, maintains decent production values. Despite some shortcomings, Lavanya Tripathi's standout performance and the technical aspects add value to the overall viewing experience.


Lavanya Tripathi's performance in 'Miss Perfect' showcases her versatility and commitment to her craft, delivering a compelling portrayal that stands out. Despite her commendable efforts, director Vishwak Khanderao falls short of extracting the full potential from her talent, primarily due to the limitations of a somewhat predictable plot. This missed opportunity hampers the overall impact of the film, leaving audiences yearning for a more nuanced and unpredictable storyline. While Lavanya shines in her role, the narrative fails to provide the innovative canvas her talent deserves, making 'Miss Perfect' a missed chance for both the director and the audience.


Cast: Lavanya Tripathi, Abijeet, Harshavardhan, Jhansi, Harsha Roshan, Mahesh Vitta, Keshav Deepak, Abhigna Vuthaluru

Director: Vishwak Khanderao

Music: Prashanth Vihari

Cinematography: Aditya Javvadi

Production: Annapurna Studios

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