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Moguds Pellams Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, October 31, 2005 • Telugu ]
Moguds Pellams Review
Sivaji Raja, Rathi, Karthik, Giribabu, Ali, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana
S Raj Kiran

A film must have something novel. Either the story or its telling. But when none of this is, what follows is a big, uncontrollable yawn.

And that is what you end up with in Moguds Pellams as the story and direction have nothing new to offer. The story revolves around Srinivas (Sivaji Raja) and Padmavathi (Rathi), who have to get an accommodation posing as husband and wife. The remaining part of the story is about how they end up as life partners really.

This sticky story is further let down by an archaic style of direction. It is so plodding and slow that you feel like sitting on a tortoise. Further, this is almost the story of a recent flick Mrs and Mr Shailaja Krishnamurthy. That film at least had good chemistry between the lead pair and some good music. Moguds Pellams has nothing.

Sivaji Raja, though lacking in stature, is pretty handy in his acting style. He doesn't botch it up. He looks comfortable. Rathi doesn't have the oomph. Yet, she is also quite competent. But the chemistry and spark between the two is missing. But there is not much to say for the rest of gang.

Raj Kiran's music is about average. There is no melody that can save films of such type. Raju's camera work is also below par.

Ranaganath, who is making a switch over from acting, has shown that he has not the grasp of it all. He seems to direct from a set pattern. No originality. No fun. No nothing.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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