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Mr Ya Miss Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 5, 2005 • Hindi ]
Mr Ya Miss Review
Horseshoe Pictures Pvt. Ltd
Aftab Shivdasani, Ritesh Deshmukh, Antra Mali, Divya Dutta, Bharat Dabholkar, Varsha Usgaonkar, Ajinkya Deo, Ishrat Ali
Antra Mali, Satchit Puranik
Ram Gopal Varma, Sunil Chainani, Sameer Srivastava
Amar Mohile

In the last 2-3 years, Bollywood has seen numerous first time directors coming up with their products. Emergence of multiplexes has only helped the cause as more and more youngsters are getting a chance to showcase their talent. Some utilize this chance well, some blow it away. Antara Mali and Satchit Puranik, co-directors of the movie fall somewhere in between because though they have handles a few sequences in well, a sense of being amateurish does show at places. Result is that you neither love the movie, nor hate it, you just feel indifferent after the show is over.

Storyline of the movie is quite simple. Sanjay is a corporate guy who is a Casanova by nature and promises moon to multiple girls at a time. He is warned by his childhood buddy Shekhar [Riteish Deshmukh] to mend his ways but the confidence in him never pays heed to his advice, until one day his main girlfriend [Divya Dutta] and rest of the girls find his folly. They confront him and in a fury murder him. Soon he lands up in front of Gods Shiva and Parvati. To make him repent for his misbehavior with women, he is sent back to earth and he finds himself converted into a female.

Completely shattered by the new body provided to him, Sanjay turns into Sanjana [Antara Mali] and is forced to start living life afresh. Gods have taken a promise from him that he would treat women with respect on earth but now tables turn on him [i.e. her] as (s)he becomes the center of attraction for the client Malhotra [Bharat Dhabolkar], roadside Romeos and office colleagues. Worse, his best friend Shekhar falls in love with him. If this wasn't enough, he becomes pregnant with Shekhar's child and also finds himself behind bars after being accused of his own murder......

If one just reads the script on paper, it sounds quite interesting and funny. 'Mr Ya Miss' is funny too but not to an extent that one would keep laughing all the way till the end. Graph of the movie keeps swinging up and down but towards the pre-climax and climax things start dragging. Though the movie has been made as a feel good, one fails to understand why there is excessive melodrama about Antara's stay in jail. The song 'Kanha' in the background only spoils the flow further and things become much too confusing to digest when Antara suddenly develops the feeling of motherhood when actually all this while she had been thinking and acting as a male.

Still, there are a few sequences that one can take home after the show is through. Antara's interaction with Bharat Dhabolkar, her meet with Riteish in the bars, the sequence in the morgue where she is forced by Riteish to cry over the death of Sanjay are just some of them. But on the flip side there are things that take away the sheen too, with foremost being Antara's own acting. Though she is good in some of the sequences as mentioned above, her earlier scenes in the movie irritate to a large extent.

Her entire attempt at trying to project a man trapped in a woman's body is overdone while her slippery walk and awkward body language just do not fly. Also, if she was so worried about men looking at her with preying eyes then why wear skimpy clothes? One tends to believe that if only Antara - the director had chosen some other competent actor to play her role, the movie may have turned out to be much better.

Aftab is likeable once again though his dialogue delivery and act continues to remind of Aamir Khan. Riteish Deshmukh, as always, plays his character well in a subdued manner and never fails to bring on a smile. Bharat Dhabolkar and Ishrat Ali are OK while Ajinkya Dev and Varsha Usgaonkar as Shiv and Parvati are fine. Divya Dutta plays her part well though at places some skimpy clothes just do not go with her body.

Music by Nitin Raikwar is functional though special mention needs to be done for the

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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