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Mumbai Xpress Preview

Mumbai Xpress Peview
Raj Kamal Films International
Kamal Hassan,Manisha Koirala, Ramesh Arvind, Kovai Sarala, Vyapuri, Hardik, Dheena, Sarath Saxena
Singeetham Srinivas
Chandra Hassan, Kamal Hassan

Mumbai Xpress

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • தமிழ் Comments

The problem about writing a preview for a Kamal Haasan's movie is that even if you have all the pre-release details, it is impossible to fore-capture what is in store for the viewers.

Kamal always has something magical on screen. Take the case of Vasool Raja MBBS. Every one knew the story and the script from its Hindi original. Yet, what one got to see in the Tamil remake was something special and spontaneously more hilarious than the original.

That's the famed Kamal effect.

We have a surfeit of information on Mumbai Xpress. But we all know it is just a teaser. For to fully understand and appreciate his efforts one has to wait till the film's release.

Yet, for what it is worth, here we go: Mumbai Xpress, as the title implies, is also about a train. The climax involves this train.

But the film is at the core about a kidnap and the ensuing mirth. 'It is not a typical mixed-up identity story', Kamal hastens to assure. He says the comedy in the film will be of very high order.

But there will be plenty of stuff for your heart too. As the story centres on a young kid, it will have a special attraction for young boys.

A 23-yeard-old comical horse Charlie and the bit-part of Munna the monkey --- will be very appealing to youngsters.

Kamal plays the dare-devil motorbike stuntman Avinashi. He has taken every sort of risk possible for the film. He drove bikes at break-neck speeds, dangled from high-rises, walked on tight rope perhaps he just stopped short of walking on water.

Giving him company on the acting front will be Ramesh Aravindh, Manisha, Nasser, Sharad Saxena, Pasupathy, Kovai Sarala, Vaiyapuri.

Jumbo jets, which come in and out of scenes as if in a conjurer's trick, make you wonder how they filmed it all.

Well, Kamal, just precisely for this reason, had wanted the slum set to be got up near the airport.

In short, the film is an effort of Kamal to give qulaitive entertainment to the discerning public.

Samir Chadha handles art and his assistants, Nitin Waple and Subroto, have been introduced for erecting huge sets.

Siddharth has made historical impressions in digital camerawork.

Ilayaraja's music is already being talked in high terms.

The quality of Kamal's screenplay will stand over that of Michael Madana Kamarajan, director Singeetham points out.

The entire cast and crew deserve plaudits for completing the films in two languages in 60 days flat.

The film is being released all over India in two languages. Of course, a dubbed version in Telugu is also being released.

Mumbai Xpress is slated for April 14th release.

It is about a train ---- the train here is Kamal's train of thought.

Needless to say, it is faster than any bullet train.