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Naan Avanillai Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 20, 2007 • Tamil ]
Naan Avanillai Review
Nemichand Jhabak
Jeevan, Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jyothirmayi, Keerthi Chawla
V Hitesh Jhabak
Vijay Antony
Naan Avanillai

Doing a remake of a yesteryear classic is no easy task. But all credit to director Selvah for coming out with an engrosser in Naan Avanillai, a remake of yesteryear classic titled the same. The original version was directed by veteran K Balachander starring Gemini Ganesan and was a blockbuster hit and won rave reviews for its bold theme about three decades ago. Selvah has managed to churn out an engrosser with right twists and turns in the remake version. What more it is very trendy, chic and modern.

Also Selvah has cast five prominent heroines of Tamil cinema together in the movie. Kudos to the director for giving equal frames to all the five leading heroines - Sneha, Malavika, Namitha, Jyothirmayi and Keerthi Chawla.

Jeevan in the title role suits the T. He has carried from where he left in Thiruttu Payalae. Jeevan seems to have developed a passion for playing such playboy roles and comes out with a convincing performance. His body language and dialogue delivery deserves a mention. Amidst action-packed flicks with heroes totting their guns, Naan Avanillai stands out for its convincing theme. It awakens the womenfolk and gives a clarion call for them to choose their life partner with utmost care.

Jeevan (Annamalai) ends up in police for cheating several women and marrying them after making false promises. Monika (Namitha), Ammu Kutti (Jyothirmayi), Radha (Keerthi Chawla) and Priya (Malavika) lodge complaint against Annamalai for cheating them in different names.

Priya, a model, is cheated by him in the guise of a rich man from London. He ends up marrying her and escapes with a booty. Next in line is Ammu Kutti. She is made to believe that he belongs to the Kerala Chief Minister's family. Both get married only to see Jeevan escape with her valuable jewels. Radha, a daughter of a staunch devotee of Krishna, is the next target. Enters the hero in the guise of a revered Swamiji. He makes everyone believe that he is an incarnation of Lord Krishna. He ends up marrying Radha only to decamp with her jewels. Monika, a rich entrepreneur and a divorcee, is also one of his soft targets.

Anjali (Sneha), daughter of the Judge (Lakshmi), who hears the case against Annamalai, develops an affinity towards him. Cops set out to track Annamalai's past. Were they successful in getting Annamalai punished by the court forms the crux. All the heroines have contributed well. They all have a song each and equal number of scenes to appear. They not only ooze right glamour but also perform with aplomb.

Raj Kapoor, Livingston and Mayilsamy are also in the cast. Vijay Anthony's tunes are catchy. The remix of Radha Kadhal Varadha is stand out. It is foot-tapping. U K Senthil Kumar's lens has captured the beautiful ladies well. Selvah has laced the movie with right commercial elements and is sure to strike rich among youngsters.

Naan Avanillai is a movie to cherish for fans this summer.

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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