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Naan Ee Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 6, 2012 • Tamil ]
Naan Ee Review
Nani, Samantha, Sudeep
SS Rajamouli

Expectations were sky-high. The trailers promised aplenty. And the end product is finally here, which gives one more than what was expected. Director S S Rajamouli, the pride of Telugu cinema, has touched upon a fantasy theme for his first straight Tamil venture. It is a wafer-thin storyline of a man reincarnating as housefly & avenging his death.

But a shrewd Rajamouli has laced romance, comedy, emotions and revenge drama well in the story to make it count. The making makes all the difference. Every frame spells grandeur and fantastic visuals.

The quick unfolding of events strike a chord. The star cast including Nani, Samantha and Sudeep add pep to the proceedings with their performance. A top actor of Sandalwood, Sudeep walks away with aplomb playing with ease a complex character.

Fantasy will be the right word to describe the film. The amazing computer graphic works makes one stand up and applaud. Even minute things have been paid utmost attention. Rajamouli has opted for a linear narration. He begins the movie narrating it more like an Ambulimama story that we grew up listening to.

Sudeep (Sudeep), a fun-loving and a playboy businessman, lures everyone he comes across and wins them over. He meets Bindu (Samantha) and tries all his tantrums on her. But his efforts fail as she (a kind-hearted social worker) is inclined towards a boy-next-door Nani (Nani). Coming to know of this, Sudeep hatches a conspiracy and kills Nani. Now it is the turn of Nani to reborn as house fly and the 'Ee' buzzes around Sudeep and teaches him lessons the hard way.

Reminding one 'Magadheera' in parts, 'Naan Ee' is narrated in a lighter vein with reincarnation concept.

Nani is adequate and his innocent looks come to his rescue. Samantha, the pretty lass, does a decent show. She is at her best in emotional scenes. But stealing the show is Sudeep as baddie. Known for playing man with golden heart in Kannada movies, he seems to have taken it in his stride to deliver a packed performance as villain. It is commendable that an actor who plays the hero in mainstream Kannada films takes to play a negative role. As an actor who understands the nuances of cinema, Sudeep gives his best.

The scenes where he comes across waging a battle against an unknown enemy in the form of a housefly, he simply astonishes. Sudeep seems to come a long way from his mould to play such a perplexed and negative character.

If computer graphics and special effects are one eye for the film, Sudeep's portrayal of the role is another. His encounters with Bindhu and later with the housefly deserve a watch.

Santhanam provides comic relief with his usual one-liners. Crazy Mohan's dialogues deserve a special mention. There is abundant laugh on the housefly. Thanks to Maragadhamani, the peppy background score enlivens the proceedings with Senthilkumar's camera complimenting it well.

Coming to the main part, the visual effects, one can rightly call it marvelous! A mammoth attempt well transformed by a team. The housefly has been perfectly recreated. The special effects have set a benchmark in Tamil cinema.

The highlight being the perfect use of state-of-the-art technology without overshadowing the theme. Hats off to the creative team, who have spent several sleepless nights to recreate the magic. The housefly, it's buzz and the encounters are well brought-out.

Making a hero out of a fly is commendable. Forget logics, enjoy grandeur and get immersed in fantasy. And 'Naan Ee' will make you fly in joy. A must watch family entertainer this never ending summer!

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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