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Naiyaandi Music Review

Naiyaandi Music Review
Dhanush, Nazriya Nazim, Saranya Ponvannan, Soori, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
A. Sarkunam
M Ghibran
Music Review
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 19, 2013 • தமிழ்] Comments

Taking us by surprise, the launch of 'Naiyyandi' audio has had no glamour attached to it, and here comes yet another album from the smart composer Ghibran. Starring Dhanush and Nazriya in the lead, 'Naiyyandi' has a jukebox of interesting and different songs, as is always to be expected of the composer.

1. Teddy Bear   Listen here

Voice: Dhanush

Lyrics: Vivega

Love Super Mario? As the album opens, it takes you straight to your cherished childhood of video games. As funky as it can get, Ghibran has used 8-bit music to make the track kiddish as possible. Going further, there is some heavy dubstep, while the lyrics are assorted and rendered in a straightforward monotone. Just before the song concludes, there is also a small piece of our very own kuthu. In all, 'Teddy Bear' is an out-an-out offbeat song.

2. Ae Le Le Etti Paarthale Listen here

Voices: Leo Desouza, Sundar Narayana Rao

Lyrics: Arivumathi

This one is an earthy hip song with a lively rhythm to it. As it flows further, this male solo love ditty grows pleasant and delicate. While the score takes predominance initially, further down, it is the rendition that takes the limelight. It has been a while since mouth organs were used this extensively in Kollywood music, and this song has the satire.

3. Munnadi Pora Pulla   Listen here

Voices: Divya Kumar, Swetha

Lyrics: Karthick Netha

When the song opens with a set off for you would expect heavy beats and a party song. Instead, this turns out to be earthy and folk. However, it also has a gentle but prominent hip track playing in the background. This 4-minute song is the first duet of the album, and is a casual one, in the refreshing young voices.

4. Innika Innika  Listen here

Voices: Susana, Ranjith

Lyrics: Karthick Netha

Expect Ghibran to surprise you always, and this one is a combination of sensual melody and an imitation of opera. While the main song is erotic and pleasant at places, the background score is a song on its own, in sync with the one in the fore, thus making for a soothing listening experience.

5. Marriage Marketil  Listen here

Voice: Sundar Narayana Rao

Lyrics: Ramaswamy

In the solid voice of Sundar Narayana Rao, this one speaks of the woes of a man, for the lack of women to befriend or get married to. A lighthearted song, this one speaks of all the efforts the man takes to impress girls, who don't budge anyway. The boy promises to go out of the way to do almost anything to have a girl to herself. A funky song in all.

6. Yendi Paathagathi Listen here

Voice: Gold Devaraj

Lyrics: Devendran

A quick track, colloquial and strong, this one is a male solo of love failure. Just a stanza long and under one and half minutes, this one is the outrage of the man over his girl's turning him down, calling her a traitor.

Ghibran is an intelligent composer, and with 'Naiyyandi', he has proved his worth once again, especially with the thorough funky ones like 'Teddy Bear' and 'Marriage Marketil'. Though there is nothing exceptionally special about the album, with its release, the expectations over the film has mounted manifold,  Post your views on the music in all, and especially about Dhanush's rendition,as he welcomes feedback.

Rating - 3/5