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Naksha Music Review

Naksha Music Review
Sunny Deol , Sameera Reddy, Viveik Anand Oberoi, Jackie Shroff
Sachin Bajaj
Sketching a Few Memories
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Pritam is a composer to watch out for. After `Gangster', `Pyaar Ke Side Effects' and a single in `Bas Ek Pal' he is back with `Naksha' starring Sunny Deol, Viveik Oberoi and Sameera Reddy. I would say, this one's a mixed bag. And not his best. For with Pritam one expects that each number would be better than the earlier one. So, out here, you shall love `Yaara Ve' and `U & I' for being diametrically opposite yet brilliant. `Shake It' and the remix of `Jat Yamla' are impressive while `Nasha' is a waste. The remixes by Eric Pillai, DJ A Myth and DJ Kiran range from fantastic to average. `Naksha' is notable for the usage of some excellent back up vocals of Clinton, Dominic and Sussane. As for whether it is worth-ur-money. I would say, yes, but just about. Not the best work of Pritam, though it has its moments.

`Shake It' is drum-n-bass collaborating with a tinge of bhangra. Starting off with an interesting keyboard melody line, this number can be written about primarily for impressive vocals of Suzanne De Mello. It's a fast paced number with hard-worked rhythm design but there's nothing really different in terms of the assembly line song products that one comes across dime-a-dozen. Kailash Kher is dependable, although since he had set such high standards, that when you hear him mouthing inane English lines, it doesn't really sound all that good. The remix by Eric Pillai begins on a no-nonsense note. A Club remix, Sussanne's raunchy vocals sound even better in this one. A steady thunder beat steals the show on the dance floor. Eric Pillai has remixed another version of the same number sung by Indee. It's a brief one and a half minute number with Shake Shake repeating constantly interspersed with a rap session. My guess is that, it's perfect for the Pubs-n-discs, for its breathlessness is infectious.

In `Yaara Ve' Pritam keeps the promise he exuded in `Gangster'. A winner all the way, this Abhishek Nailwal sung number makes you sit-up-and-take-notice. For the unique combination of a genuine tabla theka and rock inspiring electric guitar makes you start singing from the word go. It's a Live Concert kind of feel with lots of chorus singing and the electric guitar going. If James was a big-n-pleasant surprise in `Gangster' with his `Bheegi Bheegi' number then Abhishek floors you with his intensity. His earthy, raw, rockstar singing style is unbridled passion of a waterfall aching for that Great Leap. `Yaara Ve-Tumbi House Mix' by DJ A Myth and DJ Kiran is good for Alternative Club Music at a suburban Pub. Vocoder effects have been utilized for making it snappy. Kailash Kher joins the chorus along with Abhishek's singing. But if you ask me, I would say the original is much better and there was no need for a remixed version.

`U & I' is a hip-n-happenin party number that makes you shake-a-leg the moment you hear its first strains. Let's do some Balle Balle Now Alright..On This Freeky Freaky Night..Set The Temperatures Right. A DJ Checks out the funky sound followed by Bhangra sound in Mumbai. Sonu is in his element as he belts out this party number in High Spirits. But the credit must also go to a battery of back up vocals in Clinton, Dominic, Hrishi, Viveine, Suzanne and Vijay Prakash who add a rich dash of Joy-Quotient. There's another version of the same song by Pritam and KK. Pritam seems to be going Himesh way. In fact he also has a nasal twang with a hint of sufi element in his singing. Once again the female back up vocalists steals the show. If you liked the original and the remix, then hold on for an about-turn version `Lets Do Balle Balle - U & I' by Punjabi singer (Or is it a group?) Labh Janjua and Rana Mazumdar at the forefront. It's aimed at the NRI audience with a flair for Punjabi rusticity. I prefer the first two versions as they rock, while this one is a bit of a dampener.