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Namastey London Music Review

Namastey London Music Review
Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Upen Patel, Rishi Kapoor, Javed Sheikh
Vipul Shah
Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh is back!!!
Saturday, February 3, 2007 • Hindi Comments

Just when you feel the man-with-the-cap is done with, he bounces back with a bang! Namastey London is one of the best works of Himesh Reshammiya. For it's a wonderful mix of traditional and popular. And the best part is that Himesh refrains from singing all the songs. If there's a mass-favourite Chakna Chakna, Rafta Rafta and Dilruba, then there are the delirious Main Jahaan Rahoon and Aanan Faanan. Viraaniya and Yahi Hota Pyaar are a step backwards and fail to impress. A few of the remixes are smashing while a few disappoint big time. Javed Akhtar's lyrics are in good form. But this self love of Mehfil versions where he recites poetry is an act of self indulgence. One or two is fine, but four songs are a definite excess. Yes you can buy this pack of two CDs (18 songs including remixes) for anyway you are getting two at the price of one.    

Chakna Chakna is a typical Punjabi number that is all set to go down well with the expatriate market. For its high-bass rhythm designing and the keyboard melodies are tailor made to do a Namastey to London-n-NewYork. A girl going `crazy for you baby' soothes Himesh Reshammiya's emotion packed vocals. May not be the best number of the album, but shall appeal to the masses nevertheless. Chakna Chakna Remix shall be blaring from all the loudspeakers, be it the autorickshaws, taxis, discos, pubs, marriage parties, birthdays, whatever. The add-on rhythm and party fillers makes this a good unadulterated remix.

Mohabbat jo meri pyaasi hui to gehri meri udaasi hui..Viraaniyia finds Himesh behind the mike shelling out a slow sad song with a female background vocalist adding a soft touch. The gentle tabla and sarangi duet is effective as it doesn't get overboard but Himesh's improvisation in his singing at times does get overboard. Somehow this style of sarangi, selective tabla and high pitched vocal improvisation has been done a bit too often by Reshammiya off late (Ahista Ahista, Dil Diya Hai etc.). Repetitiveness at short intervals isn't recommended. Or is it!

Raaste daawatnaame the jo manzilon ne likhe the zamin par likhe the hamaare liye..Javed Akhtar recites wonderful poetry in the Viraaniya Mehfil Mix. In fact his words are better than the actual composition. It doesn't make sense as to why a sad song has to have such a high octane remix. Viraaniya Remix is worth skipping.

Main jahan rahoon, main kahin bhi hoon, teri yaad saath hai..kisi se kahoon, ke nahin kahoon ye jo dil ki baat hai.I am a stern critic of Himesh maybe because I like his individuality a lot. And he proves me right when he churns out a simply delightful number like Main Jahan Bhi Rahoon. Brilliantly sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and excellently supported by Krishna, this is one of the most innovative songs of this year so far that I've heard. Everything is in good measures. Strings background, poignant tabla beats, somber sarangi, piano-n-guitar fillers, classical scatting, fine imagery from Javed Akhtar's pen and as the song peaks its as if the heart is crying for a love that is lost in the isolation of loneliness. A song worth listening many times over.

Not all songs need a remix. And this number is one such example. It should have been left un-tampered. Main Jahaan Rahoon Remix fails to impress as the mood of the song is in contrast with the fast paced tempo. Main Jahaan Rahoon Mehfil Mix finds Javed Akhtar at his narcissist best. This constant recitation doesn't make sense.

Yahi Hota Pyaar is a step backwards as you find Himesh Reshammiya crooning in a style that's been done to death by himself. Sunidhi Chauhan doesn't have much to do as