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Nanma Preview

Nanma Peview
Kalabhavan Mani, Rahman, Udhayathara
Sharath Chandran Vayanad


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

Retrieving dead bodies that come floating along the waters - It was not his job, but he was always known to do the same taking out rustic bodies. From the lakes, that even the fire force and police were reluctant to touch. He did all the jobs including this with due respect to the dead, for his living. 

We are talking about Muthu Chettiyar, an immigrant laborer from Tamil Nadu, who came to Kerala years ago with his three children, Nakulan, Unni and Seetha.                             

Sarathchandran Wayanad, who made his debut with Kavya Madhavan starrer Annorikkal, is back with his new film titled Nanma, which showcase the lives of Muthu Chettiyar and his family, who fled from the borders to make it good in Kerala.
Muthu Chettiyar has very little dreams, the most prominent one was the well being of the children and to place them in decent jobs. He didn't want his children to do the kinds of menial jobs that he is usually into and for that he gave them every opportunity to make it big.

Even though Nakulan, the eldest son of Chettiyar, made good studies, he was not able to fetch a better job. And one that came closer was snatched away at the last minute. Disheartened by the sad fate and disbelief on the system, he slowly became a part of a goonda gang. Nakulan hated his father's menial jobs and often asked him to stop doing the job of taking out dead bodies. But Chettiyar never paid heed to his son, who has already made a nexus with the big underworld. This creates a discord in the family as Chettiar finds it's extremely difficult to marry of his daughter. Nanma follows this tensed relation between a father and his son.

Kalabhavan Mani dons the role of aged Muthu Chettiar in a totally new makeup, while Rahman again appears in a meaty role of Nakulan. The film has two heroines, Udhayathara and debutante Abhinaya. The director Sarathchandran Wayanad, himself does the story and the screenplay.

Other prominent members of the cast include Aravind, Sujakarthika, Kalashala Babu, Aadhithya, Indrans and Manikantan who shot to fame with the teleserial Sanmanassullavarku Samaadhaanam.

Mohan Sithaara composes the music for the few songs written by Vayalaar Sharth, Shinto Koodappadu and Asha Ramesh. Cinematographed by Shyam Dutt, the film was being shot in and around Kavaalam and Kottayam. The film produced by Sashikumar Kottayam will be the first release of this June.