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Naran Music Review

Naran Music Review
Mohanlal, Devayani, Jagathy,Bhavana, Siddique
Deepak Dev
On expected lines
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, September 14, 2005 • മലയാളം] Comments

Mohanlal film's songs have a certain character and flavor. A music director has to provide that. Deepak Dev in that sense had his task cut out. But he comes out of the test with more than pass marks.

Music: Deepak Dev

1) Thumbikkinnaram Gayatri has oiled sweetness of a veena in her voice. The song provides good opportunity for her to amplify her talents. The melodious background gives good scope for her to parade her undoubted prowess. Yesudas gives her good company. He doesn't anything extra. Stays within his limits.

2) Velmuruka

This is the life of the album. It has a larger-than-appeal energy much like the film's hero Mohanlal. The beats are wholesome and heavy. M G Sreekumar's robust voice matches that. In fact, it gives the right lift for the instrumentalists to go for broke, as they say. The Punjabi rhythms in Malayalam lilt and pattern is something we are getting used. No surprises there. It is manifestation of the uni-polar amorphous culture that we are all moving towards.

3) Minnadi Minnadi

Another typical Malayali number. There is little new in the tune. But Chitra has some surprise every time she takes the mike. Here too she shows glimpses of her undoubted style and sweetness. The stringed instrumentation is like a new-born's touch ---tender and delicate. Deepak Dev sure knows how to handle the instruments in a low-key manner.

4) Naran

The thematic song has to have something extra. This has both in terms of melody as well vaulting appeal. The singers just give their best and they are backed by some brilliant instrumentation.

5) Ponnarian

A song of rustic simplicity and robustness. It seems so earthy that you can almost smell the clay and water. Yesudas hangs on, though his voice looks almost brittle at moments.

6) Aadikkarin

Chitra has the resonance and rhythm that is God-given. She brings to her songs an understated elegance and effectiveness. This soft number just blankets you in a delicate cloak of gossamer. Deepak Dev has just let Chitra take over and just followed her smartly.

Deepak Dev has proved himself to be a talent to watch.