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Newtonin 3am Vidhi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, May 5, 2009 • தமிழ் ]
Newtonin 3am Vidhi Review
Madras Entertainment Private Ltd.
S J Suryah, Sayali Bhagat, Rajiv Krishna
Thai Muthuselvan
S Nandhagopal

Every action has equivalent opposite reaction is Newton's Law. Seemingly inspired by his 'finding' S J Suryah and his director Thai Muthuselvan have dished out a racy and riveting fare that lives up to the title.

A thrilling movie, it has enough elements in it to make one glued to their seat. A S J Suryah's movie is incomplete without right commercial elements. Keeping that in mind, Thai Muthuselvan has laced the thriller with naach - gaana and typical S J Suryah humour elements in the story.

A revenge story that begins and end in just a couple of hours in a man's life is something new. Treading a different path, the director come out clean convincing the audience. Though the story is old, the trick lies in its presentation.

Guru (Suryah), a fashion designer falls in love with Priya (Sayali Bhagat), an anchor with a music channel. On the eve of their wedding, Priya's boss and the television channel owner JP (Rajeev Krishna), who lusts after her, brutally rapes and kills her and makes it look like a suicide.

Guru vows to bump off JP on the first death anniversary of Priya. He does enough homework to nail JP. With the help of his friend working in the channel, he meticulously plans for a year and execute things in just two hours- proving Newton's third law every action has an equal but opposite reaction.

S J Suryah has improved leaps and bounds as far as acting is concerned. He has worked hard to shed his playboy image to do an angry Youngman's role. Shayali Bhagat fills the oomph factor. But the real scene stealer is Rajeev Krishna. He had impressed everyone playing a bubbly young man in Aaha almost a decade ago. He is back after a hiatus to spell surprise on everyone playing a rich and sophisticated baddie who goes hammer and tongs to save his life.

On the flip side, the songs are a big brake to the fast screenplay. Had the second half had more of the cat and mouse game between Suryah and Rajeev, Newtonin Moonram Vidhi would have been more racy.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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