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Nidhi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 18, 2006 • Kannada ]
Nidhi Review
Devraj, Vinod Alva, Arjun, Sanghavi, Sangeetha Shetty, Tennis Krishna
Lakka Radhakrishna
Rajesh Ramanatha

It is Daivashakthi vs Manavashakthi. In the cans for more than three years Lakka Radhakrishna has tried his luck in the examination fever time coming on screen all over Karnataka. The snail pace the lengthy narration - two bottlenecks in this film. Just for the heck of keeping five persons - a la robin hoods he takes more time in his narration. It is not short and sweet package. The shoot and loot of the booty to good cause in 'Nidhi' is similar in another release of this week 'Ashoka' starring Shivrajkumar. Shivu as Ashoka has a gang with him to operate on his deals while it is five men army in 'Nidhi' on their horses.

What is the subject? Five men in uniform hunt the treasure that is controlled by the Daiva shakthi (played by Sanghavi). It was decades ago Dasappa and his wife hidden their valuables inside the earth and by performing a Homa. The Mantravathi call the goddess of Shakthi to keep it safe for ever in the hidden place. Soon after this Dasappa (Tennis Krishna) poison the Mantravadhi and kill him as he is the one who knows the hidden treasure. Another saint who finds the contents inside the earth from his power writes on a 'Thalegari' that there is a treasure and throws it near by the spot.

Back to the gang of five - one of the five Vinod who is expert in reading the Thalegari writings shows keen interest with his gang to unearth the treasure on tracing the inscriptions. What is the bottleneck now? The Daivashakthi - Sanghavi comes on a horse every time and counter them and never allows them to dig the earth and take the treasure. To make a counter attack the five members get a sacred ring from a saint to withstand the onslaught from Daivashakthi.

The clever Daivashakthi sketches plan to eradicate each one. With a safe ring in their finger all the five dig the place of treasure and take out the treasure. But Daivashakthi sees to it that the ring in the finger misses out and then kill three in a row for having disobeyed her order. But Vinod and Dev take out the treasure and use the valuable for the good cause. When the term of Vinod and Dev comes the superpower agrees to the one hour time asked by them. In one hour time the Daivashakthi learns the good deeds and how served the society for the good. So much valuable hidden for ever is wrong claim Dev and Vinod. Convinced with the balance sheet provided by Dev and Vinod the Daivashakthi get 'Asharirvani' from heaven that they should be left free.

There is no comedy. There is no relief for the audience at regular intervals from good songs either. Like a systematic teacher Lakka Radhakrishna has tried the skill what he knows.

Technically there is some good progress but the cinematography gives a pale feeling to the eyes. Is it because it was the cans for a long time? Rajesh Ramanathan must have forgotten now that he has scored the music like how the audiences are perplexed with the sudden announcement of release of this film.

The saving grace on the screen is Sanghavi. She looks very beautiful in the pure white costume with crown on the head and a sword in her hand. She comes on a white horse every time on the screen. Sometime in disguise in the normal costumes she looks very sweet.

None of the others have scope for performance -Devraj and Vinod Alva are in the usual 'stony' performance. Mental Manja fame Arjun first film is in the supporting role.

Stock clearance has taken place nothing else

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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