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Nivedhyam Music Review

Nivedhyam Music Review
Touchwood Creations
Vinu Mohan, Bhama, Nedumudi Venu, Athulya, Aparna, Seethalekshmi, Sreehari, Vijayanthi, Prabha Dutt.
Omar Sherif
It offers good hearing
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 6, 2007 • മലയാളം] Comments

M Jayachandran has been a music director who always gives importance in composing fresher and soulful melodies.

Even though some of his works were criticized for plagiarism, much of his efforts were to create some soulful music, which helped him to become one of the popular music composers in Malayalam.

His latest Nivedhyam also offers some delightful hearing, with some fresher tracks and pure classical songs. The film has four lyricists working for the five songs of the album.

Apart from these, the album also features four popular classical numbers.

1. Alaipayuthe   Singers: Krishna Kumar, Swetha 

Rendered in a distinct style by the singers, this classical number is a different from the versions of it that we heard before. The number is again repeated in the voices of Krishna Kumar with chorus support, later in the album.
2. Chittatin Kaavil   Singer: Sankaran Namboothiri   Lyrics: Bichu Thirumala

This is a very ear pleasing track packed with typical Kerala orchestration. Sankaran Namboodhiri returns for a solo, which moves on from its classical touches to the nuances of folksong and the singer makes the most of the opportunity offered. The opening music sequence appears very pleasing with the feel of a jingle and warmth of a baby playing of the chimes. This is the best of the song that we had heard from the singer so far, and he definitely is to be watched in near future.

3. Hai Krishna    Singer: Jayachandran M   Lyrics: Kaithapram    

Rendered by the music director himself, this is all very emotionally rocking song with beautiful lyrics. With a devotional feel, the song offers distinct hearing.

4. Kaayampoovo   Singers: Chithra K S, Sudeep Kumar    Lyrics: Kaithapram

This is the arguably one of the best compositions in the album, which stands up as a stand-alone track and is sung with much passion by the vocalists. What makes the song really tick is its delightful rendering by K S Chithra and Sudeep Kumar, this slow romantic number, with superb music arrangements contains a certain charm to it. 

No doubt that Kaithapram has written some touching lyrics for the song that will get you   in the mood for this love ballad, composed with a Ravindranish feel. This is extremely enjoyable without being too different. Yet the composer tries to infuse freshness.

5 Kolakuzhal     Singers: Swetha, Vijay Yesudas       Lyrics: Lohithadas

This is probably the most commercial sounding song of the album, which is already in the charts. It lifts the listener's mood and is sung well by the lead singers. The instrumentation, lyrics and lead vocals blend in well together in a track that doesn't fall into the noisy track trap. It is easy on the ears, instantly likeable and full of melody.

6. Krishna Nee   Singer: Sudha Ranjith

Another classical number whined by the singer caring for the essentials.

7. Lalithalavonga   Singer: Sudeep Kumar, Swetha

A short song which starts ala asthapathy and then gives way to the alaipayuthe song

8. Tham Thakida   Singer: Vijay Yesudas   Lyrics: Kuttappan 

This is a folkish peppy dance track, penned by the folksong specialist C J Kuttappan, which is crying out for you to pick yourself up, dance and enjoy life for wha