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No Entry Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 27, 2005 • Hindi ]
No Entry Review
Anil Kapoor,Salman Khan,Fardeen Khan,Lara Dutta,Celina Jaitley,Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol
Anees Bazmee
Anu Malik

2005 is fast turning out to be one of the best years for box office winners. With practically a success a week, the last week of August doesn't seem too different with No Entry hitting the marquee. And isn't the movie a lip smacking delight? Because just like a big helping of hot chocolate fudge, it continues to taste better and better with every passing bite, and makes you long for more till the very end. Inspite of its long duration, a viewer doesn't loose his/her interest in the movie and keeps nourishing each and every moment of the fun.

Welcome to the world of a hip night club No Entry, where sexy'n'toned Bobby [Bipasha Basu] works as a club dancer cum most desirable call girl. Amongst her many admirers, there is Prem [Salman Khan] who is as flirtatious as he can and globe totters half his life while spending his time with the girls of all breeds, colors and nationality. Inspite of his escapades, his doting 'bhartiya-beewi' Pooja [Esha Deol] never ever suspects him of infidelity.

Unfortunately it's just the opposite with his fast friend Kishan [Anil Kapoor], an editor with fast-loosing-on-popularity newspaper, who is as 'patni-vrata' as he can but still suffers from the constant look of suspicion from his wife Kaajal [Lara Dutta]. Inspite of being loved day in and night out, Kaajal keeps a close eye on each and every activity of his. Then there is Shekhar a.k.a Sunny, a crime reporter with Kishan's newspaper who comes across Sanjana [Celina Jaiteley] and falls in love after some funny situations.

Trouble begins when Prem continues to instigate Kishan on enjoying life beyond wife. His logic? It pays to be unfaithful to your wife because that results in a feeling of guilt and hence makes you love your wife even more ! Though the logic may sound unconvincing to many, since this movie written and directed by Anees Bazmee follows the David Dhawan school of comedy to the T, one needs to leave the thinking caps behind. After some resistance, Kishan surrenders to the temptation and Sunny arranges for his rendezvous with Bobby.

Kishan and Bobby meet and sparks fly. But as luck would have had it, Kaajal arrives on the scene. This is what begins a series of one lie after another. Kishan introduces Bobby as Sunny's wife. Now Sunny is in a fix because he can't lie to Sanjana. Meanwhile in some hilarious situations that follow, Bobby is introduced as Kishan's wife to Sanjana. In a 'bhelpuri' of confusions and some highly hilarious and entertaining situations that follow, 'No Entry' reaches its pre-climax with Sunny proclaiming to be Bobby's husband, in order to save his friends from any more trouble. And this is where Pooja enters the scene......

A movie like this can have only two results. Either the plot completely falls on its face with the confusions amongst the characters resulting in a high degree of confusions for the audience to comprehend. Or the other way around, where the situations are knit together with such a tight grasp and pace kept so fast, that audience do not get a single minute to think about any logic behind the happenings. Fortunately Anees Bazmee is very successful in making the latter result happen and that too in such a great manner that one continues to laugh long after the movie's screening is through.

The movie has number of strengths to boast of - witty dialogues, rich locations [South Africa, Thailand], excellent cinematography [Ashok Mehta], pulsating choreography [practically all the songs including Just Love Me, Dil To Dil Hai, Title song, Kahan Ho Tum], good editing by Sanjay Sankla [though the role of politican played by Boman Irani could have been conveniently chopped off] and music by Anu Malik that fit in the situations well. Background score by Salim Suleman is zippy and continues to make 'No Entry' a high spirited affair.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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