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Railways decides to stop sale of i-Tickets
Monday, March 12, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Railways decides to stop sale of i-Tickets

In a major move, the Railways have decided to stop the sale of i-Tickets through its IRCTC. i-Tickets are exactly the same as your usual paper tickets but the only difference is you book these from the website to have it delivered to your home. The tickets cost an extra Rs.80 for sleeper class and Rs.120 for AC classes respectively.

The i-Ticket scheme was introduced in the Railways in the year 2002, and has become redundant after texts received through short message service were considered a valid ticket by officials. Hence there was no more need for paper tickets. I-Tickets were originally  provided for the advantage of passengers (think elderly/disabled) who found the e ticket printing a hassled process or just that they lived in remote areas. The abolition of i-tickets have been considered as a welcome move also as a green initiative.