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NTR hailing marks 'Jai Lava Kusa' event
Monday, September 11, 2017 • Telugu Comments

The pre-release function of 'Jai Lava Kusa' was attended by Hari Krishna, Vinayak, Koratala Shiva, Sukumar, Koratala Shiva and others, besides the movie's cast and crew.

Koratala Shiva said, "I have seen the full song of 'Tring Tring'.  All your eyes are going to be on annayya (NTR) while you watch the song.  He didn't dance this great in 'Janatha Garage'.  We all know how electrifying he can be when it's just one character.  When it's three, it's nothing less than 'vishwa roopam'.  The other actors in the movie will have to be at the receiving end.  Bobby has written the right kind of script for annayya."

Chota K Naidu said, "I have worked under all the major banners.  Only NTR Arts was pending.  With 'JLK', that is no more the case.  NTR is too young, but I have learnt a lot seeing him.  He is an ocean.  As a cameraman, I was amazed by his instant changeovers from one character to another.  Bobby is very prolific in producing scenes and dialogues."

Kona Venkat said, "On a day, NTR had to change the dresses 79 times!  Only NTR can make the impossible possible.  I had done 'Samba', 'Adurs' and 'Baadhsah' with NTR previously.  'JLK' is better than the three.  N means naughty, T means terror and R means reliable, which are Kusa, Jai and Lava, respectively."

Chandrabose said, "I have written songs for 15 of NTR's films.  In 'JLK', 'Ravana' is my favourite song.  There is a word in the song that suits NTR very aptly: It's Vishwa Nayaka."      

Raashi Khanna said, "I am happy to see the support of you all.  Seeing Tarak's variations, I have become his fan.  He has shown amazing variations.  He is such a brilliant performer.  Be it dancing, be it acting - he is the best.  He has given his heart and soul for 'JLK'.  I thank him for being a wonderful co-star.  I thank Bobby for believing in me.  Chota K Naidu garu is this film's life.  He has brought grandeur to the film.  DSP is energy.  Nivetha has a very long way to go."

Nivetha said, "I have learnt a lot by doing this film - patience, devotion, hard work.  I thank Kona sir, without whom this film couldn't have happened to me. He always guided me through.  Chota sir has been like my guide.  Tarak is the most energetic person I have ever seen.  He spreads the energy to everybody who is on the sets.  Sometimes, he would need to change the costumes 10 times in a day for the three roles.  He would transform into the roles with ease.  This is Tarak's best film ever."

VV Vinayak said, "I happened to meet Tarak before 'JLK' went on the floors.  He was pre-occupied in his mind.  He usually doesn't think that much before enacting a scene.  It's only after watching this Trailer that I am able to understand that he was constantly preparing mentally for the three roles.  Devi must have nailed the RR part.  If and when Kona Venkat writes the right story, I and NTR will team up again."

DSP said, "This is my third film with NTR in a row.  I am very happy.  There is a scene where all the three - Jai, Lava and Kusa - are seen.  Thalaiva is extraordinary in that scene.  I have done this film's RR enjoying each and every expression of his.  

Kalyan Ram said, "We wanted to do a film that can exceed your expectations.  When Bobby told me the story, I was reminded of one film: Dana Veera Sura Karna.  I knew that but for Tarak, none else can do this.  Tarak cogitated over seven days as to whether he should do this movie.  He was thinking as to how to deliver the Ravana act.  Pranathi (NTR's wife) was worried when, on a night, Tarak got up in the middle of the night, walked towards his room's window, stammering and muttering unconsciously.  He was that involved in the character.  The kind of fame that Thatha garu got for doing 'DVSK', such kind of fame Tarak too will earn for this movie.  Frankly, many were skeptical that we chose Bobby.  The story is most important.  Tarak too believes in the same.  I would like to see Tarak get a National Award.  He will definitely get one.  Nobody else could have done these roles."  

Bobby said, "Sukumar garu was saying that Tarak garu is an ocean and that I have only drawn a tank-full of water.  I have only drawn a glass-full of water.  Tarak garu is the film's backbone.  It was in December that I narrated the script to him.  I may have since forgotten a few expressions or dialogues, but he never forgot a thing.  He was prepared what to enact, when to laugh, etc.  People will talk about Tarak garu for one year after this film's release.  This film is that great.  Raashi and Nivetha are irreplaceable."

Nandamuri Harikrishna said, "Love and affection are in the veins of our country.  Your love and the affection that my two sons have for each other is proof of that.  It was Janaki Ram who first asked Kalyan Ram to do a film with NTR whose name is the same as our banner's (NTR Arts).  In both 'Pataas' and 'Temper', the protagonist has negative shades.  The directors brought out positiveness and delivered a message.    

NTR said, "This life is for my fans.  You are a big family.  I try to be a good husband, father, son, and brother.  But when it comes to you, there is no effort to be good.  I only have emotions for you people.  I am lost for words to talk about 'JLK'.  It's because I am too emotional that I am unable to speak.  I have reached this position because of your love and my directors' focus.  'Nannaku Prematho' wouldn't have happened without 'Temper'.  'Janatha Garage' wouldn't have happened without 'NP'.  And 'JLK' wouldn't have happened without 'JG' happening.  As far as this film is concerned, success is not important.  My fans should feel proud after watching it.  When I first listened to the story, I could only hold Bobby's hands with fear.  I was not sure if I could do these challenging roles.  I told him that we will meet later.  In the mind of my minds, I kept on thinking about the story.  I happened to tell this story to two of my close people.  I will reveal their names after the film's success."

Talking about the film's cast and crew, NTR said, "DSP was the first technician we all finalized unanimously.  My relationship with him can't be put into words.  When Chota anna is the cinematographer, everyone can be relaxed.  He takes all the pressure upon himself.  If we are able to release this film as planned, the main reason is Chota garu.  Kona and Chakri supported Bobby like two shoulders.  This film is Bobby's child first.  Art director AS Prakash's Ravana fort set is very detailed.  Raashi and Nivetha have been an amazing support."

"JLK is not just Jai's film.  All the three characters are equally important.  This film is dedicated to all the brothers out there," NTR signed off