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Operation Valentine Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 1, 2024 • Hindi ]
Operation Valentine Review
Varun Tej, Manushi Chhillar
Shakti Pratap Singh Hada
Sony Pictures International Productions & Sandeep Mudda
Mickey J Meyer

Operation Valentine Movie Review

Operation Valentine is an action thriller film based on the 2019 Pulwama terrorist attack by Pakistan on India and the retaliatory Balakot Air Strikes conducted by the Indian Air Force in response. The film captures the intense emotions, sacrifices, and bravery of the Indian armed forces during this critical event.


Operation Valentine is a gripping tale of patriotism and bravery, showcasing the resilience of Air Force heroes in the face of immense challenges. The story revolves around Wing Commander Arjun, codenamed Rudra, who finds himself at odds with his superiors after disobeying their orders.

Operation Valentine Movie Review

Amidst this turmoil, India is struck by a devastating terror attack in Pulwama, Kashmir, triggering significant changes in the defense establishment and the Indian government's stance. The narrative unfolds to reveal the interconnected stories of Radar Officer Ahana Gill (Manushi Chillar), Wing Commander Yash Sharma (Paresh Pahuja), Wing Commander Kabir Singh (Navdeep), Wing Commander Tanya Sharma (Ruhani Sharma), Air Commander Mathur (Sampath Raj), and Dhruv (Abhinav Gomatam). Additionally, the mysterious Project Vajra and Pakistan's targeting of Nehru add layers of intrigue and suspense to the plot.

As the events unfold, the film delves into the complexities of modern warfare and the sacrifices made by our armed forces. Through its engaging storyline and compelling characters, "Operation Valentine" offers a riveting cinematic experience that honors the bravery and valor of our real-life heroes.

Operation Valentine Movie Review


Varun Tej, known for his versatility, took on the role of an IAF fighter pilot for the first time in his career in Operation Valentine. He effortlessly slipped into the role, displaying a range of emotions and expressions. His physique was well-suited for the role, and he delivered powerful dialogues with terrific intensity. His body language as an IAF pilot, willing to sacrifice himself to save others, was commendable.

Manushi Chillar looked stunning and delivered a solid performance as a radar officer. The chemistry between Varun Tej and Manushi Chillar was palpable, and their conversations resonated with the audience. Navdeep had a limited role, while Ruhani Sharma's role was significant, and she portrayed it convincingly. Sampath Raj, Abhinav Gomatam, Mir Sarwar, and the rest of the cast performed according to their roles.

Director Shakti Pratap Hada aimed to pay tribute to the Pulwama martyrs and the Indian Air Force fighter pilots who avenged the attack with air strikes on Balakot in Pakistan. The first half of the film depicted the events leading up to the Pulwama Attack and Operation Valentine, while the second half showed the aftermath of the operation.

Operation Valentine Movie Review

Comparisons to Hollywood classic "Top Gun" and the Bollywood film "Fighter" are inevitable, given the war and patriotic genre. However, apart from a few scenes reminiscent of "Top Gun," the narrative of "Operation Valentine" takes a different path. Unlike "Fighter," which is a commercial entertainer, Operation Valentine focuses more on real events, with minimal emphasis on romance.

Director Shakti Pratap Hada's efforts to portray the real happenings in the Indian Air Force during and after the Pulwama Attacks and Balakot Airstrikes are commendable. The film benefited from inputs from Indian Air Force officials and was allowed to shoot in their areas.

The scenes before the interval and the interval block are particularly gripping and evoke strong emotions. The second half is also depicted convincingly. Shakti Pratap effectively utilized the performances of Varun Tej and Manushi Chillar and kept the screenplay tight. Despite budget constraints, the makers did justice to the graphics and VFX.

Operation Valentine Movie Review

Naveen Nooli's editing was seamless, ensuring that the narrative remained engaging. The pace may dip slightly due to the director's focus on minute details, but it adds depth to the story. Mickey J Meyer's background score was powerful and enhanced the emotional impact of the scenes. The songs were situational and added to the patriotic fervor. Overall, the film's production values were commendable.


Varun Tej's Operation Valentine, directed by Shakti Pratap Hada, pays tribute to the martyrs of the Pulwama Attack while reigniting patriotic fervor. The film authentically and realistically portrays the operations of the Indian Air Force during the Balakot attack, capturing the courage and determination of the armed forces in the face of adversity.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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