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Paramasivan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 14, 2006 • தமிழ் ]
Paramasivan Review
Kanaga Rathna Movies
Ajith, Laila, Jayaram, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Iswarya, Monisha
P. Vasu
S. Ramesh Babu

It is action time. It is Ajith time, too. Paramasivan marking the return of a leaner and fitter Ajith, looks like it will manage to re-launch his career. Director P Vasu has managed to cobble the right amount of masala, fun, action and sentiments to cook a dish that will go down with Ajith's fans who had been hungry for long.

The movie, in a genre that we have seen from the likes of Vijayakanth and Arjun, has given Ajith the right platform to purvey his prowess. And he too seems a man who is in good form.

The story is about Subramania Siva (Ajith) ---the character name itself talks about the nationalism ---- who is serving a death sentence. But life is not all that bleak for him as `Nethiadi' Nandakumar, an upright police officer who is on a mission flush out a terrorist outfit that had been behind the Coimbatore blast.

Nandakumar knows about the mettle of Subramania Siva as he knows the latter is serving the term for killing venal cops who had bumped off his sister and father. Nandakumar orchestrates a plan and gives Siva a new avatar ---Paramasivan --- and sets him on the path of the terror group. His brief is simple ---- snuff out ultras. But the problem is Nair (Jayaram), a CBI man and his assistant (Vivek), smell something fishy, and are also on the trail of Paramasivan.

Who wins this entertaining race is the story of the rest.

Ajith, looking every bit the dashing and debonair actor that we know of, is in good form. He plays the angry young man and the avenger hero to near perfection. Ajith, who looked jaded and wan in his previous movies, is absolutely refreshed. He has also been given a role that suits him well.

Prakashraj as the policeman with a mission is splendid as only he can be. He brings to his role a liveliness and a unique joi de vivre. Jayram as the CBI man has a limited role. Vivek as his assistant is full of beans. Lalila's character is modeled on her typical lines and she has nothing beyond her usual ken to perform.

One of the main attractions of the film is its amazing fight sequences. Ajith goes out of the way to do those risky shots. His efforts and earnestness have paid off very well.

Vidyasagar's music, though loud on mass beats, has his usual touch. He has mixed many genres in the songs and delivered what the fans love these days. Sekhat V Joseph is in fibe fettle and his shots are eye-catching all through. P Vasu, who is on a career high, has not strained much. He has taken an uncomplicated story and told in an uncomplicated way.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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