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Parole Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, November 10, 2022 • தமிழ் ]
Parole Review
Tripr Entertainment
R S Karthiik, Linga, Kalpika, Monisha Murali, Vinodhini Vaidynathan, Janaki Suresh
Dwarakh Raja
Raj Kumar Amal

Parole - Arresting filmmaking powered by deep writing

Once in a while out of the blue Tamil cinema comes up with original, raw and gritty films that provide a new viewing experience.  Dwarakh Raj's 'Parole' is one such gem that calls for attention from the audience with its deep messages buried under its gore.  But the million dollar question is whether the hero worshipping masses will give the respect that it deserves.

Set in the slum of Vyasarpadi area in Chennai, Kovalan (R.S. Karthik) is the younger son of Ariyaaye (Janaki Suresh) who resents her seemingly partial affection to her elder son (Karikalan) who is convicted for 28 years for double murder.  The mother hopes to get him out by applying for a mercy pettition while her younger son scoffs at her pointing out that his brother is a cold blooded murderer.  The film then unravels the characters of each of the sons with external forces influencing the bad in Karikalan who emerges as a hero in spite of that.  On the other hand, the burning sibling rivalry inside Kovalan pushes him from mostly the good to the extremely evil side.  In between this there are heavy doses of repulsive violence, gore, marital rape, homosexual rape and betrayals by both blood and the enemies.  However 'Parole' stands out by giving hope through the power of motherhood and love in this most desolate of criminals and their backdrops.  

Linga is one of the most underrated actors amongst the current crop of promising talents.  This film has given him a much deserved opportunity to showcase the range he has got.  His character requires him to be hated and admired at the same time which is no mean task.  He has pulled it off with consummate ease being vulnerable when his mother and girlfriend show him affection and turning into a heartless killing machine when it comes to murdering his targets.  R.S. Karthik too has delivered his best to convey the feelings of sibling rivalry and resentment towards his mother.  His best moment is when he eats the food his mother kept for him before her sudden death.  Janaki Suresh is perfect as the mother who would do anything for her two sons and the reason that she favors the elder one is also pretty convincing.  Kalpika Ganesh as the lover of Karikalan has done a neat job in spite of her character being too cinematic.  Monica Murali as the love interest of the younger brother is natural in all her scenes.   The rest have been aptly cast.

What works best in 'Parole' is the non linear screenplay that gives bits and pieces of information regarding the characters and situations to lead the audiences in a line of thought and then throws them a huge surprise by the reveals each time.  The relationship dynamics between the mother and her two sons and between the brothers is well written.   The broken self of a male rape victim and his mental and physical suffering is shown in a moving manner. The film also deals with the horror of marital rape as well.  The climax revealing the power of motherhood is rewarding.

On the downside the gore and violence that form the core of the screenplay is not for the weak hearted.  The meeting point of the budding romance between Linga and Kalpika Ganesh is conceived well but has been executed in a cinematic manner which is out of sync with the rest of the story.  The court procedures and mercy petition detailing may or may not be authentic but could have been shot better.  The inaction of the police at the end when so much of violence is happening is unconvincing.   The planning and action of the villains to finish off Karikalan and Kovalan seems too far-fetched.

'Parole' may have had budget constraints but the team has made up for it with innovative making.  Magesh Thirunavukarasu has come up with interesting camera angles and moments that give the feeling of being at the spot where the action is happening.  Editor Muniez has done an exceptional job in getting the sequences to make sense considering that the non linear script has more layers than one can count.  Rajkumar Amal with his background score and rap songs enhance the emotions of the scenes.  Producer  S. Madhusudhanan deserves praise for backing an intense and newage film.  Young director  Dwarakh Raja deserves praise for writing a powerful multilayered script and executing it as best as he can within his means.  He is one to look out for in the future for sure. 

Verdict : Parole will arrest you with its well written, well executed multilayered screenplay

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0


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