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Pathaaka Preview

Pathaaka Peview
Suresh Gopi, Navya Nair, Saikumar, Lalu Alex, Manoj K Jayan, Babu Antony, Vijayakumar, Siddique, Shammi Thilakan, Venu Nagavally, Devan, Madhupal, Janardhanan, Subair, Arun, Nishant Sagar, Kollam Thulasi, Kunjan, Tony, Bijappan, Manuraj, Kochupreman, Kollam Shah, Karyavattom Sasikumar, Poojappura Pappan, Sindhu Menon, Renuka Menon, Sheela, Bindu Panicker, Poornima
K Madhu
Mayoora Enterprises


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

An industries minister with a clean image who is the representative of a mainstream party, suddenly falls prey to charges of corruption. He steps down from power  with confidence enough to prove his righteousness in the issues concerned.-- Seems like something that Kerala  witnessed in recent past.

No?  This is  not a narration of political history but the story line of 'Pathaaka', the new film starring Suresh Gopi. The script from Robin Thirumala finds substance from something that was in the headlines for long in recent past. And the techno giant director of fast, action packed, suspense films, K.Madhu is in charge of this another political satire.

Here in the film, the story is of a politician named George Tharrien. He is the only son of Elizabeth Mammen, firebrand political leader of gone by years. Elizabeth who lost her husband long back then caresses politics as a mission of service and quite naturally, her son also found it good going  to be among the masses and for that he becomes a politician himself. Popular to his  friends simply as GT, he has a clean image, and sustains interests of the State and his people whenever he gets an opportunity to do some. He becomes the Industries Minister and embarks upon a spate of reforms. But this creates embarrassment and anguish among his colleagues and open resentment among his opponents who are out to destroy his political career. They level a series of corruption charges  of every sort against him, which makes him unpopular among the masses.

Having hurt by the malicio us interpretations of their own party men,  Elizabeth asks her son to step down and he resigns in a rage. Elizabeth asks his son to move away politics for a silent family life. But GT , who is a chronic bachelor ,is not the one to take things lay down as it is. He uses innovative methods to bring his opponents before masses  and thereby before law. More than the politician, it is the technocrat in him that comes to the reprisal,  to help GT come over  victorious. Some gossips that the film  is produced to create a clean chit to one of  the former ministers during election times.

Suresh Gopi plays the lead role of GT, while veteran actress Sheela plays Elizabeth, his mother.  As his every other political thrillers, here also fiery dialogues and action will rule the screen. Navya Nair and Sindhu Menon are the leading ladies. Lalu Alex and Kunjan appear in important roles after a long gap, in this film. Manoj.K.Jayan, Vijayakumar, Saikumar, Venu Nagavally, Devan, Nishanth Sagar, Shammi Thilakan, Madhupal, Bindhu Panikkar and Arun  share the other cast credits of this star studded film. The film will have two songs by Poovachal Khadar- Thej team. while Utpal.V.Nayanaar handles the camera, P.C.Mohanan heads the edit table.The film which was  originally slated for this May has to change its release due to the  changes in political atmosphere in Kerala.