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Pawan Kalyan hails late environmentalist-sadhu

Friday, October 12, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Pawan Kalyan hails late environmentalist-sadhuPawan Kalyan has condoled the death of Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand, aka GD Agarwal, the environmentalist who had been on an indefinite fast unto death demanding the cleaning up of Ganga.  

“World admired him as Environment Guru but we just killed him. Prof.GD  Agarwal is not just a Sadhu, he’s an IIT’ian & did his Masters in environmental science from California.  He fasted for a clean Ganga and sacrificed his life after 111 days. He died with the final hope that, 'only my death can save the Ganga'. Prof Agarwal's sacrifice should slice our conscience.  If we cannot save our rivers or our heroes even after they fast for 111 days, we need to ask ourselves who it is that will take accountability for such a supreme sacrifice?  Why should a man of such nobility give up his life?" the Jana Sena leader said.  

"Not only the Ganga must be cleansed but also our politics. Where are the politicians who made their promises for the Ganga prakshaalan?  Where is political accountability?  Let us solemnly mark Prof Agarwal' s sacrifice as a reminder of our duty to cleanse the Ganga and also hold those accountable for making promises and ignoring them," Power Star wrote.  

"I salute Prof Agarwal for his relentless pursuit of a clean Ganga. How must he have suffered for this great cause? If this does not touch our conscience, nothing will.  His sacrifice should not be futile or fruitless, due to slothful and irresponsible politicians.  Each one must demand from their political representatives' actions which they promised and not allow them to languish sluggishly in their idle self-importance," Pawan added.

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