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Poonam Kaur and Telugu Twitterati scold RGV for ''Power Star''

Sunday, June 28, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Poonam Kaur and Telugu Twitterati scold RGV for Power Star

Ram Gopal Varma's love or non-love affair with Power Star Pawan Kalyan seems to never die. The director argues that he is his biggest fan and then, targets him with political satires and tweets.

Now, he announced a movie on him as well. It just seems like the director's obsession to deliver films on the news topics has taken a very ugly turn. He used to make hard-hitting content based films like Satya, Gayam based on current topics.

His funny films like Anaganaga Oka Roju also were very indirect satires which everyone can enjoy. He seems to be now making caricature pieces and happy with the attention they generate. He announced, "Power Star" as his next movie on RGV World Theater.

"BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR will be starring P K, M S , N B , T S, a Russian woman , four children , 8 buffaloes and R G V ..No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’sPOWERSTAR"

He further shared this video to announce who is his "Power Star"

Poonam Kaur and Telugu Twitterati scold RGV for Power Star

"Here is the STAR of my new film POWER STAR ...This shot was taken when he visited my office ..Any resemblance to any other person is incidentally coincidental and intentionally unintentional.. "

In reaction to it, Poonam Kaur blasted him saying that he should create a character for himself as a person who instigates women to use abusive language, keeping Sri Reddy incident in mind.

"Plz include a character named #rgv who calls girls finding out their emotional weakness n instigates them to use abusive language and sends tweets to them to share as if they are doing it n then informs media about it ...I respected U when I was a child ...feel sad about u now"

Telugu Twitterati is also unable to digest the fact that the director is either constantly poking fun at Mega Family or Pawan Kalyan in some or the other way. They are posting abusive replies under his posts.

Unfortunately, the language they are using isn't parliamentary and respectful enough to post them here. Hope, the director understands he cannot keep doing the same all the time, that is, poking fun at people in high offices or film Stars. People will start distancing him, one way or the other.

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