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Producers bond at 'Tej I Love U' pre-release event

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Producers bond at Tej I Love U pre-release event

Another pre-release event of 'Tej I Love U' was held on Tuesday.  Directed by Karunakaran, the film will hit the screens on July 6.  The function was attended by Allu Aravind and Aswini Dutt as chief guests.

Sai Dharam Tej said, "Karunakaran garu has been a love magician for 20 years now.  He has always impressed us with love stories.  'Tej I Love U' is a very important movie for me.  It's been a beautiful experience.  I have enjoyed doing it every single day."

Producer KS Rama Rao began by recalling how he came to know Allu Aravind and Aswini Dutt during the days of his stint with an FM station.  "Although I am not a great producer like them, I am happy to share the dais with them today.  I am in this position because of my heroes and directors.

Whenever I used to do publicity for Allu Aravind garu's movies, I would be awed by the richness of his movies.  Aswini Dutt is younger than us but he has worked with the likes of NTR.  I have learned a lot from him.  Aravind garu is a great planner.  He doesn't spend recklessly.  He is now making new producers who are like an army.  It was Aravind garu who did the planning for Chiranjeevi garu.  There are 11 heroes from the Mega family.  They are all known for discipline."

Allu Aravind said, "I started out by producing movies with Chiranjeevi garu as the hero.  KS Rama Rao garu too was early in doing that.  I am jealous of Rama Rao garu because he could make films in the combination of Chiranjeevi garu and Ilaiyaraaja garu.  I used to compete with him.  In recent times, a couple of Rama Rao garu's movies haven't done well.  When I recently asked him if everything is fine, he told me he will continue to make movies till he is broke, if the need be.  I was touched by his passion for cinema. 

I tend to be commercial but Rama Rao garu is passionate.  Aswini Dutt garu is again such a passionate producer.  I am lucky to have friends like these two guys.   After watching 'Toli Prema', I went to Karunakaran (director) and asked him to direct a movie in the combination of Chiranjeevi garu and Kalyan Babu.  He was astounded by my proposal.  I insisted that the combination film will be produced by me and only he should direct it.  The project never happened, though.  But I will surely make it happen.  It will happen."

Aravind then said that Karunakaran narrates stories with total involvement.  "The way he narrates a script, one is convinced that it will surely be a super-hit.  He has had a nice relationship with our family," he said.

About Sai Dharam Tej, the Geetha Arts supremo said that he is very dedicated and always yearns to see happiness in his mother's eyes.  "He has done a couple of movies even though he knew that they won't work.  He did them because he had to keep the promise made to the makers," Aravind said.

Aswini Dutt said, "KS Rama Rao garu was just saying that he was inspired by me.  It's a big lie.  Even when I was studying in school, he was an assistant of KS Prakash Rao garu.  We in Suryarao Peta used to feel big about getting to meet with Rama Rao garu.  His films are magical."

Karunakaran expressed happiness over getting to be associated with big producers from time to time.