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PT Sir Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 24, 2024 • తెలుగు ]
PT Sir Review
Vels Film International
Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Kashmira Pardeshi, Anikha Surendran, Thiagarajan, Pandiyarajan, Ramdoss, Ilavarasu
Karthik Venugopal
Ishari K Ganesh
Hiphop Tamizha Adhi

PT Sir - Banks heavily on Whatsapp University

Hip Hop Aadhi known for his middling entertainers targeted at the youth has joined hands with Karthik Venugopalan of 'Nenjam Undu Nermai Undu' fame for 'PT Sir'.  Whether the wannabe feminist film that banks heavily on Whatsapp University for ideas entertain and educate the audience remains to be seen.

Hip Hop Aadhi plays a young Physical Trainer in a school in Erode.  His mother Devadarshini strictly forbids him from involving in any social issues as an astrologer predicted that it will be fatal for him.  The PT master is in love with teacher Vanathi (Kashmira Paradesi) and the couple's engagement is fixed.  Meanwhile Anikha Surendran a college going neighbour of Aadhi is molested by unknown men and though not involving in the issue he advises her to move on.   On the engagement day however Anikha commits suicide and inspite of his mother's warnings Aadhi files a case of murder accusing the college chairman GP (Thiagarajan).  What happens next is what 'PT Sir' is all about.

Hip Hop Thamizha Aadhi had shown a lot of improvement in his acting in the past few films.  Here too he is likeable as the affable PT sir whose banter with the students, especially with the little boy who is his rival in wooing the teacher.  He also passes muster in the romance scenes.  However when it comes to emoting he falls short and would do well to work on it in his future projects.  Kashmira Pardesi is adequate the mandatory love interest.  Anikha Surendran in the central role shines as the victim unable to comprehend the reactions of her neighbourhood for her misfortune.  Devadarshini is superb as the domineering mother while Ilavarasu brings to life the pain of father who loses his dear daughter.  Prabhu. K. Bhagyaraj, Thiagarajan, Pandiarajan  and Vinodhini use their experience to elevate one dimensional roles.

What works best in 'PT Sir' is mildly entertaining first half with an interesting interval block. Watch out for the one joke that truly hits the bullseye involving Pattmandram Raja and Devadarshini with the astrologer.. The scene in which right from a five year old girl to a sixty year old woman reveal how they are sexually molested by perverts is very effective in conveying the theme of the story.  The climax twist though far fetched works in surprising the viewer. The film has borrowed its plot from a much debated recent case in which a school girl committed suicide and the management is alleged. 

On the downside the film has inconsistencies not only in the flow of the screenplay but the genre too.  It starts off as a campus entertainer and shifts to sexual crimes on women, transforms into a whodunit and then finally a half baked courtroom drama.   The film is loaded with oft repeated messages from whatsapp forwards.   There is no freshness in telling the familiar story and the astrology angle makes it even more of a television serial. 

Although the songs by Hip Hop Thamizha are rehashes of his previous ones, the background music works well in complimenting the scenes.  The cinematography, editing and other technical aspects are in line with what the script demands.  Vels Films International has bankrolled the project.  Karthick Venugopalan much like his debut film has tried to draw inspiration from the real life mystery and add a fantasy positive end.  Though his film is well intentioned somehow all the ingredients do not gel to give the audience a satisfying watch.

Verdict : Go for it if you are a Hip Hop Thamizha Aadhi fan and you are game for a handful of familiar messages on crimes against women.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


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