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Pyaar Mein Twist Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, September 5, 2005 • Hindi ]
Pyaar Mein Twist Review
Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Sameer Dattani, Soha Ali Khan, Delnaz Paul, Deepshikha, Farida Jalal
Hriday Shetty
Sahara One Motion Pictures

"Kya Main Aapse Aapki Maa Ka Haath Maang Sakta Hoon [Son, can I ask you for your mother's hand] "?

In any other movie, a statement like this would have met with a hilarious yet mocking response. But not in case of 'Pyaar Mein Twist', where this dialogue is welcomed with utmost grace with a nod of approval from everyone in the theatre. That's exactly where the beauty of Hriday Shetty directed 'Pyaar Mein Twist' lies! A movie that could have become a laughing stock if handled by someone less competent, thanks to Shetty's sincere and sensitive direction, it maintains its grace and charm throughout the 2 hour duration.

The movie is also special for one more reason - the lead couple. After all, how many times more would you see Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia walking on a beach while experiencing the pros and cons of having beachside 'golgappas' [water balls]? A feel good movie that has a heartwarming impact, PMT is a mature love story told in a simplistic fashion that should appeal to all age groups.

Business tycoon Yash Khurana [Rishi Kapoor], a widower, has just retired after giving the ropes of the business to his son [Vikas Bhalla]. At some other place in Mumbai, Sheetal Arya [Dimple Kapadia] is running a shipping agency and is content with the marriage of her daughter Ria [Soha Ali Khan] just a few days away with a young man [Sameer Dattani]. A widow, her best friend is her sister-in-law Toshi [Farida Jalal] who is unmarried and stays with them.

As all love stories happen, Yash and Sheetal meet, start spending their spare time with each other and become good friends. But everyone starts suspecting an affair blossoming between the two. Sameer's mother wants to break off the marriage while Vikas Bhalla confronts his father on his old age escapades. Tired of the accusations, 'good friends' Yash and Sheetal (on advise of Sameer, Toshi and Yash's best friend Satish Shah, a business tycoon himself) decide to spend some more time with each other away from their children and discover the depth of their relationship.

Cupid strikes and now the two are in love with each other. The movie comes to a fairy tale end with the children giving their whole hearted approval to their parents' relationship.

A movie like 'Pyaar Mein Twist' could have become a boring social if given a different treatment, or as mentioned in the beginning, a mockery of relationship between elders. But with due credit to director Hriday Shetty, who never lets his lead protagonists be projected as helpless senior citizens who shed tears when opposed by their children. Instead everything is narrated in as light hearted manner as possible with good dose of wit and humor thrown in. Both Rishi and Dimple are shown as independent who love their children but know how to enjoy their lives too. They visit up market eating joints, stay in estates, live life king (and queen) size and make merry to the fullest. All this while, they keep getting news about the going ons in their children's lives through their trusted ones at home.

'Pyaar Mein Twist' is a Rishi Kapoor movie all the way. Though Dimple Kapadia is there to match him at every step, its his [still in form] boyish charm that works wonders for the cinegoers. He looks and act every bit a retired business tycoon who drives Mercedes, plays golf, smokes cigar, never forgets his morning jogging and drinking in the night, meets old friends, visits pubs, plays piano, dances with his daughter in law [Deepshikha], takes his dogs for a daily walk, shops in malls and the best of all, still knows how to match steps for the evergreen song 'Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karenge Hum Dono'.

In contrast Dimple Kapadia is more restrained and that could be possibly due to her character of a woman who has raised her children all by herself and does

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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