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Pyare Mohan Preview

Pyare Mohan Peview
Vivek Oberoi,Fardeen Khan,Sajid Khan,Boman Irani,Esha Deol,Amrita Rao
Indra Kumar
Ashok Thakeria, Indra Kumar

Pyare Mohan

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

One of the most important factors that contribute to a good comedy is the film's title. Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria get it right for yet another outing of theirs as they name their upcoming film as simple as it can get - PYARE MOHAN. Sounding lovable to the core, 'Pyare' and 'Mohan' are the names of the two main protagonists in the film who win everyone's hearts with their simplicity and honesty. Their only disability? One of their five basic senses is missing! But does that prove to be a hindrance in their lives, especially love lives? Read on to know more!

Pyare [Fardeen Khan] and Mohan [Viveik Oberoi] are as close friends as it gets! It is not any special ability of their but a disability that makes them indispensable to each other! That's because though Pyare is the most lovable of all, he cannot see the love for him on people's faces.

He is BLIND!

On the other hand Mohan loves everyone around him and wants to talk to people around him. His only problem? He cannot listen to what others have to say to him.

He is DEAF!

And together this BLIND-DEAF jodi is a riot! Because though in the world's eyes they have a problem, together they know how to come out of any situation, howsoever tricky it may be. To top it all, they are two young men with high esteem and self respect. Non believers in taking nonsense from anyone, they know how to give it back when a situation reckons! On one hand Pyare's sixth sense can tell him if someone out there is trying to cheat him, on the other hand Mohan smiles at people around him, till they try to be extra smart!

They rock, they dance, they have fun, and they live life to the fullest. Their only regret? They are still waiting for their lady love to enter their lives!

Their wait is over soon as they come across two pretty girls Preeti [Esha Deol] and Priya [Amrita Rao]. Pyare and Mohan fall heads over heels in love with their 'angels' Preeti and Priya respectively. But is it easy for them to convey their feelings since the two girls have aspirations of their own!?

Preeti is an ambitious girl who wants to get all the name, fame and popularity in her life! So involved is she in building her reputation that it takes some time for her to realize the love of the man who can't see her but realizes her inner beauty - PYARE!

Priya is a singer who wants to scale the height of popularity so that the entire world can hear her. She looks for appreciation from those who are unknown to her but just like Preeti, she too takes some time to realize that the one who appreciates her voice the most is someone who listens from his heart and not the ears - MOHAN!

Eventually Pyare and Mohan win the love of the two ladies but is life always a bed of roses? Because DANGER strikes the four lovers. And it comes with a different name and face!

Danger here is TONY [Boman Irani].

Tony has an ironical twist in his life. A comical character who stammers like a child, he is a dreaded man when it comes to his criminal acts. First he stages his own death so that he can vanish from the eyes of the world. In a sudden chain of events, he ends up admitting this act of his to the world. And now he is forced to commit a bizarre crime for certain reasons!

He has to kill Preeti and Priya to save himself from going to jail!

But the two pretty damsels are not alone! Now they have Pyare and Mohan for company. Individually they may have some problems facing the world but together they are dynamite. And they are ready to take on Tony!

A rip roaring comedy, 'Pyare Mohan' is directed by Indra Kumar with story and screenplay by Milap Zhaveri (who also writes the dialogues) and Tushar Hiranandani. The<