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'Raju Gari Gadhi 2' Review Live Updates
Friday, October 13, 2017 • Telugu Comments
11:17 am : The End
11:14 am : The dialogues of Samantha and Nagarjuna in the climax are heart touching. The performances are praiseworthy. Ohmkar deserves a pat on the back for improvising the original remarkably
11:04 am : Nagarjuna's investigation is the film's highpoint. Changes to the story of 'Pretham' are apt
10:52 am : Who? Why? What did they gain? Rudra seeks to find out answers regarding the tragedy that struck a girl.
10:46 am : A brief flashback later, Rudra finds answers to some key questions. Ohmkar injects the second half with emotional content
10:38 am : Rao Ramesh has a cameo. The ghost can communicate online. Nag's subtle acting is enjoyable
10:30 am : The second half sees Rudra intensify his mission. Kishore, Praveen and Ashwin have a hope in the mentalist. Shakalaka Shankar should now have a comedy scene
10:07 am : Rudra gets into action. His clairvoyance is beyond science. Special effects at interval bang manage to evoke curiosity.
9:52 am : Nagarjuna introduced as Rudra, a mentalist. In the very first scene, he wows Kishore's character by brilliantly reading his mind. Ravi Varma has a cameo.
9:43 am : Tejaswi Madivada has a cameo. With the three important characters being frightened by the ghost one after one, curtains for Nagarjuna's introduction are raised
9:32 am : Seerat ups the glam quotient. Kishore has his first tryst with ghost. Bommarillu reference is repeated twice
9:22 am : Shakalaka Shankar's introduction scene is a parody of Pawan Kalyan's 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' act. Vidyullekha Raman is Bellam Sridevi. Vennela Kishore is a snobbish English-savvy speaker
9:15 am : Vennela Kishore, Praveen and Ashwin Babu are all-weather friends who have just started a new business venture. Beachside fun complete with Seerat Kapoor seen in the backdrop of a montage song
9:06 am : Film just started. Run time is 127 minutes. Get ready for LIVE updates