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Rakshasi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, November 11, 2015 • Kannada ]
Rakshasi Review
Sindhu Lokanath

In holding the ghost gory the film `Raakshasi' is partially glorious. A remake of `Pisaasi' Tamil film is made as it is in Kannada by debutant Ashraf, assistant of AR Murugudoss. In some of the scenes director shows his skill. The logic missing and magic going on till the end holds attention.

What Raghav Dwarki has done in `Iruvaru Mattam' - son keeping his mother after death without doing final rites, the film `Raakshasi' comes up with such a situation! Father not cremating his dead daughter and saving it in ice block shows the height of bondage.

In Iruvaru Mattam Tamil film there was no horror. In `Pisaasi' that is `Raakshasi' there is horror effect as ghost of female lead is trouble shooter. The deadly devil finally immolate for happy ending.
The film `Raakshasi' is different from other kind of ghost films. Yet for Kannada audience the film `Naa Ninna Bidalaare' of Ananthnag and Lakshmi is evergreen. Even after death Bhavani loves Siddarth (Navarasan). Ghost of Bhavani does not allow Siddarth to go to wrong tracks in life. When a whisky bottle and two beer bottles get in to pieces falling on ground, Siddarth realizes something is fishy in his flat. He has kept one of the two chappal of Bhavani that he collects after her death in the hospital. Ghost eradicator comes for getting shock of her life. Siddarth and his two friends trace the past. They find Bhavani father (played by GK Reddy). To the house of Siddarth the father comes to see his daughter. He begs for her to return to his house. Finally the final rites not conducted to Bhavani after death is leading such problems come up in the mind of Siddarth.

The end part of GK Reddy and Siddarth at the ice factory is interesting to watch.

Siddarth played by Navarasan is very cool and composed. The violence in the life of this violinist with unexpected moments holds audience attention. The Kuri Pratap portion was unwanted for the film. Manjunath Gowda torturing his wife is also misfit. Sindhu Lokanath has a wafer thin role in this film. She is attractive in her portions. Sangeetha as mother is good, child actor - neighbor of Siddarth touches your heart, GK Reddy father of Tamil actors Vishal and Karthi has struggled hard. He looks natural in his role.
The song sung for child actor in the subway with blind instrument players is on top of melody list. Camera work is absorbing and so is this graphics utilized for the film.

You can mark this film in the list of entertainment.

Rating - 3.5/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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