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Rama Shama Bhama Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, December 8, 2005 • Kannada ]
Rama Shama Bhama Review
Lakshmi Shree Combines
Kamal Hassan, Ramesh Arvind, Oorvashi, Shruthi
Ramesh Arvind
K. Manju

Actor Ramesh Aravind has reason to feel very happy and satisfied. His debut film has hit the big screen today and the response he's got from the couple of premiers that have taken place in the city has proved that the actor has succeeded in realising his dreams of being a director with great perfection.

It is often said that once you have the right cast, the making of a movie is sure to be a smooth sail and Ramesh has chosen well indeed. From Kamal Hassan who plays Dr Shyam, the gynaecologist and his wife Shruti, who plays a loud but homely woman to the Urvashi, who plays Bhama the sweet, innocent and illiterate wife to Ramesh, who plays Ram the rich and savvy cartoonist.

There's also Daisy Bopanna, who plays Priya the sizzler and of course the other woman in the film and her sweetheart Anirudh who plays Raja, the guy who loves Priya but is not able to match up to her expectations financially.

The film is a remake of the Tamil film Sathi Leelavathi, but the director has managed to bring in a couple of differences to make the film suit this time and age and of course the Kannada audiences.

As in the original, the story is about Ram who falls in love with Priya in spite of the fact that he is happily married with two kids. Priya falls prey to Ram's attention and love as all she wants to do in life is to marry a rich guy and be done with all the poverty and misfortune that has been part of her childhood. Ram buys her all the good things in life and even begins to live a parallel life with Priya.

All hell breaks loose (read comedy) when Ram bumps into his old friend Shyam on his way to his secret romantic Goan holiday with Priya. One thing leads to another and the truth about his illicit relationship is out and it is Bhama who forces Ram to choose between the two women.

Ram of course walks out and chooses Priya and then begins Bhama's journey -- from that of an innocent wife to that of a woman who knows how to get her husband back into her life and under her control. She sends off her kids, her husband's dad and even their domestic cow Lakshmi to her husband's new home.

Priya tries to cope with the changes but soon looses patience and throws them out of her home. Bhama also ropes in Shyam to take centre stage and arrange a whole drama and very funny climax.

Speaking about the climax, one could have it slightly tightened but all is well that ends well in this family entertainer. A sincere applaud for the kids too, both Ram's and Shyam's. And another one for the dialogue writer Yeshwant Sirdeshpande who has pitched in not only with hilarious dialogues but also helped Kamal Hassan adapt the Hubli dialect.

There aren't too many songs in the film but that is hardly a drawback because the script and the dialogues and of course the talented actors are the very strong points here and therefore actually carry the whole film well.

Worth a watch, definitely!

Rating ****

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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