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'Ramayya Vastavayya' Audio Launch
Sunday, September 22, 2013 • Telugu Comments

It all started when Dil Raju announced the title 'Ramayya Vastavayya' a few months ago, followed by tweets from Harish Shankar. It was one of the fastest trending topic for a while after that. The sweetness continued when the first teaser was released with NTR singing and dancing around a pole, teasing his girl Samantha, a zone which he would have forgotten long ago. The sensitivity, sensibility was quite evident and positive vibes were around the film building great expectations since then. So, when the team announced the audio launch, expectations went rocket high.

The cloudy cool breeze set the tone for a pleasant event that was to follow. The guests were smiling all the way thru the evening. The auditorium was clapping forever and the friendly atmosphere, filled with genuine enthusiasm was felt complete with NTR's entry clad in a jeans and sky blue shirt tucked in much like a college student than a thigh thumping factionist. The mood continued and would have haunted each and every spectator in the event or everyone who watched it LIVE on TV for a while.

Ace actor Kota Srinivasa Rao said Harish Shankar has a clarity and unlike many directors, he acts and shows. I know him from childhood. I can say this is a Telugu film with a Telugu hero and a tasteful producer. Film will do weel at the Box office too. Editor Goutham Raju said he was thrilled to see the trailer on the big screen though he edited it. Actor Rao Ramesh said Harish Shankar, NTR and Chota ragged him thru the production. It’s a great production with a great team and wonderful atmosphere around. I played a great role and it’s a thrilling experience all in all.

Writer Satish Vegesna said I just followed director in designing the screenplay for the powerful NTR. Lyricist Sri Mani said I was shaken when I was told I was to write the Intro song for NTR but director Harish motivated me to give the song… Bhaskarabhatla said Reason for the good output is Harish. You will see great one liners even in the songs. Sahiti said NTR has the best music sense and Harish has a command. Anath Sriram said Dil Raju has given me all the important milestones and I thank Harish for this film. Choreographer Bhanu said Thanks to NTR, biggest opportunity to me, Thank you. Chota K Naidu said I am excited about the team and eager for this film to hit the screen.

Guests included prominent writers, producers and directors who have done, are doing or will do projects with NTR.

Koratala Siva said I have seen the songs and so inspired now to design NTR for my next with him. I am eagerly waiting to see the one-liners in the film coz Harish has a great blend of class and mass in him. KL Narayana said 'I know how energetic NTR coz we had a good success in Rakhi with him'. BVS Ravi Kumar said 'One director with a firm grip on the language is Harish. NTR looks so handsome on screen, I feel in love straight away' Gopichand Malineni said 'I was flattered with the first look itself and expecting a lot from Harish and Dil Raju and NTR'. Burugupalli wished the team luck.

'I can See Brindavanam Magic': Vamsi Paidipally

Vamsi Paidipally said 'I feel nostalgic coz I recall the launch of Brindavanam audio three years ago and I feel parallels to the same film. Harish has great positive energies around him'.

'NTR Looks Like a Lover Boy': VV Vinayak

VVV said 'NTR looks quite different in this film… Like a college student, like a lover boy and I wish this film blasts all the records'.

'Looks Like a Celebration, Not a Launch': SS Raja Mouli

Raja Mouli said 'I am floored by the trailer. Dil Raju is a producer who starts with the script, not a combination of hero and director. I congratulate him. Harish Shankar has gone thru ups and lows but hasn’t changed at all. His humor didn’t change a bit. I loved the montage of your smiling moments. This looks like a celebration, not a launch'.

'Great Team': SS Thaman

Thaman said 'It's important to have a great team. And I am so happy to be a part of this team. RV will be marked by four P's… Harish Possessiveness for the film, Dil Raju’s Passion, Chota's Perfection and NTR's Power'.

'Feel The Positive Vibes': Dil Raju

Dil Raju said 'I started my journey as a distributor and so, I invited my RP Road friends too. NTR was carved by VVV, Raja Mouli and Vamsi Paidipally thru their films. Harish has shown him in a new look again. The positive vibes around the film inspire me and I thank the hero and director for the film's output. Harish’s journey with all the cast and crew members is worth praise. The film will grow above your expectations and I promise you that'.

NTR Is Young 'Only By Age': Harish Shankar.

Harish said 'I met NTR as a writer few years ago and the relation with him over the years grew and I am indebted to him for treating me as a friend than a professional. They say he is young in age, I say he young 'Only' by age. He is bigger in stature. I doubt if you will see another hero like him in future. He is a hero off screen too. There are very few instances where he had a retake. He is strikingly handsome in the film, I promise. I have a wonderful relation with SS Thaman. He understood the film so well and that will be visible on the screen. I learnt a lot from Chota thru the production. The support I got from everyone made me complete the film with confidence. Gautham Raju, Ram Laxman, art director Brahma and all the other technicians, the girls Samantha, Shruthi Hassan and Hamsa Nandini… My dream has come true with the film… Of doing a ‘Dil Raju Film’ and an NTR starrer. Dil Raju is a producer the industry needs just because of his command over the production. VVV unveiled the CD pack and gave the first CD to SS Raja Mouli followed by the customary photo op.

'My Directors Helped Me Evolve': NTR

NTR said Actor evolves over the years as he goes thru his films. But its my directors who made me evolve thru their characterizations. VVV , Raja Mouli and Vamsi helped me realize, get motivated to be a young tiger or a warrior. The believed me that I could deliver in Aadi, Simhadri or Brundavanam. Krishna Vamsi made me believe that I can emote, I can be sensitive, I can cry.

Harish helped me go back in timeline, to my college days and believe that I can follow a gal like a collegiate, tease a gal like a teenager does… I asked him many times thru the production if he was satisfied with my performances coz I was coming out of my zone of massy roles to play a college student. He said he was confident and clear coz its his dream of eight years.

Raju-Sirish-Lakshman have been travelling hand in hand with me ever since I met them on the sets of Aadi as distributors… In my highs and lows, my laughs and cries. I wish this continues forever. Thaman has a great rhythm sense and I have been quite inspired by the way he created each music bit imagining me on screen dancing to the tune. Chota the guy that has the greatest command over my face and body language.

He guided me thru the shooting every day discussing and briefing me about the scenes next day. Kota did a small but highly inspiring role. I thank each and every cast and crew member, including the art department, lyricists, especially the direction department who loved the movie as much as I did… NTR concluded saying 'I wish the God and the fans y