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Ramji Londonwale Music Review

Ramji Londonwale Music Review
R Madhavan, Sameera Bangargi, Harsh Chhaya, Raj Zutshi, Satish Shah, Akhilendra Mishra,
Sanjay Daima
Sunanda Murli Manohar
Vishal Bharadwaj
A situational soundtrack
Wednesday, August 31, 2005 • Hindi Comments

London has been the hottest destination in 2005. While Chocolate has been prominently shot in London, this week's release Aashiq Banaya Aapne too isn't far behind.

Now watch out for the latest movie from Madhavan that has London embedded in the movie's title itself - Ramji Londonwale. Co-starring Madhavan is Samita Bangargi who will be appearing in her third film after Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai and Shaadi Ka Laddu and was also seen in the remix video number of 'Jaadoo Teri Nazar [Darr]', Satish Shah, Harsh Chhaya and Raj Zuthsi play other interesting roles.

A situational comedy that has gags and jokes aplenty every 10 minutes, it also has some situational music composed by Visha Bhardwaj with lyrics by Munna Dhiman. Sanjay Dayma, who has been a screenplay writer cum assistant director of Lagaan is the debutant director for this Sunanda Murali Manohar movie, which is a remake of Tamil hit [also starring Madhavan] 'Nala Damayanthi'!

1) London London [Sukhwinder Singh]

Have you ever observed how majority of people from the North India belt pronounce 'London'? Well, the same 'desi' accent is used by Sukhwinder Singh for this bhangra-pop genre track 'London London' that is meant to enliven the mood while the song is on the screen. It may not be the kind of song that you may love singing around the streets but definitely of the kind that you may just catch yourself humming in the auditorium's corridor after the end of the movie's show. In nutshell, an entertaining situational song about the lead protagonist who is loving the glitz, glamour and the culture of London.

2) Ramji Ke Paas Hai Sab Ke Liye Masala [Raghuveer Yadav]

Rustic, earthy and catchy - this is how one defines the 'so-quick-on-your-lips' title track 'Ramji' that first appears to be highly rural centric. But listen to it twice and you just can't stop yourself from getting a smile on your face every time the song is played. Very well sung by actor Raghuveer Yadav who never fails to surprise in any of his acts, 'Ramji' is about the multi-talented and big-hearted Ramji who knows how to keep people around him happy. A well written track, there is a remix version as well as club mix 'Ramji In Club' that entertain yet again!

3) Do Do Do Do [Suresh Wadkar, Alisha Chenoy]

On just reading the lyrics on the album cover, one gets suspicious if this song is one of those double meaning tracks in this certified family entertainer. Thankfully that's not the case after hearing the song as it turns out to be pretty decent. Though there are obvious elements of love and ignited passion in force, never once do the veterans Suresh Wadkar and Alisha Chenoy make you squirm in the seats. All in all, a fine track that doesn't have in it to be a blockbuster but does fine for its 5 minutes duration.

4) When Cultures Meet/When Soul Speaks [Theme tracks by Pravin Mani]

There are two short musical pieces making an appearance in the album of Ramji Londonwale as well. As a part of the background musical score, these two pieces should work fine. While 'When Cultures Meet' [obviously] portrays the different situations that Ramji goes through and how he adapts to them, the latter [When Soul Speaks] is about the awakening of soul of Ramji when he has to decide between staying on forever in London or going back to his roots in India.

5) Dhooan Dhooan [Sonu Nigam]

An album complete without a track sung by Sonu Nigam is generally an exception. Well, Ramji Londonwale is not exceptional as audience does get to hear the silky voice of Sonu in 'Dhooan' that makes for a fine melodious song. Just like the other tracks composed by Vishal for 'Ramji Londonwale', even this too doesn't bowl you over completely with its impact but thankfully doe