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'Rangula Ratnam' Review Live Updates

Sunday, January 14, 2018 • Telugu Comments
9:25 am : Film just started. Run time is 136 minutes. Watch this space for LIVE updates
9:36 am : The film begins with a brooding Raj Tarun reaching the heroine's house at an odd hour. Six months back, his mother, played by Sitara, wants to get him married
9:47 am : Priyadarshi enters the screen as the hero's friend. Most of the scenes thus far are between the mother-son duo
9:56 am : It's been just 5 minutes since the hero fell for the heroine at first sight and here comes a dream song.
10:10 am : The hero comes late to home. His mother, putting a mock worried expression says, "Ammayilake kadu, moga vallaki kooda safety ledu ee rojullo." Such conversations!
10:28 am : An emotional catharsis happens. Sricharan Pakala's songs are good. Raj Tarun's performance is impressive. Interval
10:52 am : The melody song post interval is excellent. Some emotional moments in the rom com track are expected
11:06 am : One more tragedy. We are told the heroine has a phobia. We have resigned to the fact that this film has only got pseudo-conflict points
11:25 am : It's getting from weird to weirder. The heroine's character takes an unexpected turn. Far from comedic, it's embarrassingly low-brow
11:39 am : One wonders what was the point in having the mother's character. The most juvenile rom-com in recent times, this.
11:50 am : The emptiness of a soap and the self-indulgence of a web series. This is Rangula Raatnam. The end