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Risk Music Review

Risk Music Review
K Sera Sera Productions
Randeep Hooda, Vinod Khanna, Tanushree Dutta, Seema Biswas
Vishram Sawant
For a select audience
Thursday, January 18, 2007 • Hindi Comments

When you listen to the Risk album, one thought immediately comes to mind, that it's not your usual film albums. For except for Hitchki there's not a single number that caters to the masses. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a listenership. Lakhon Karodon Mein, Risk Theme and Kali Sadke shall surely impress a certain set of people who like the Doors kind of music. More sense, less of usual mushy stuff. So, if you belong to that bracket then Risk soundtrack is a good buy for you.    

Hitchki is the first hit number DJ Akbar Sami has delivered as a music composer. Carrying a Vaishali Samant kind of Aika Dajiba feel, Hitchki has already become a rage amongst the public. Sonu Kakkar's voice carries a rustic edge with a hint of mischievous glint. The remix of Hitchki carries the trademark Akbar Sami dhinchak beats. So, if you want or don't want, you've gotta groove to it.      

Risk Theme by Bapi-Tatul hits you hard for its powerfully evocative visual imagery through unusual sound effects and superb instrumentation. The build up of keyboard generated haunting sounds, breaking of mirrors gives you a feeling that something sinister is lurking close by. Here's looking forward to listening to this track with the raw picture of reality. Risk Theme ranks amongst one of the better movie theme tracks that I have come across in the recent times.  

Lakhon Karodon Mein is high on attitude. And the first line is enough to provoke you into thinking about taking risks in life. Krishna's full throttle vocals are backed by eclectic music arrangements. The message is loud-n-clear in this Bapi-Tatul composition, if you can't take risks in life, then you don't stand a chance! A song that's meant for a selective audience. A well produced song nevertheless. The trance version of Lakhon Karodon Mein kicks a lot of bass too. With police sirens and classical alaap happening at a feverish pace, it tends to leave you flustered. There will be people who shall want to listen to it, but that number wouldn't be too big.

Yeh bada hai game..Kunal Ganjawala like never heard before. In fact as the song starts it is difficult to believe that it's the same guy who belts out high pitched romantic ditties. Kali Sadke is enough to raise your goose pimples. It's a good number to boost the morale of a cop under pressure. But again, it's not a song that everyone will relate to. Moreover, it doesn't sound a Sandesh Shandilya number from anywhere as he is known more for his melodious romantic chartbusters.

Risk: Can-take-the-risk

Star Rating: ***