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Rocky Preview

Rocky Peview
Zayed Khan, Minisha Lamba, Isha Sherwani
Suresh Krishna
Narendra Bajaj
Himesh Reshamiya


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

One hears the name 'Rocky' and the first image that comes in front of your eyes is that of a boxer. And why not since 'Rocky' is quite a brand due to Sylvester Stallone's cult series by the same name! But does Zayed Khan's 'Rocky' have anything to do with boxing? No! But the movie does carry an action theme and narrates the tale of a youngster going through turbulent times and the questions he asks society about truth, morality and justice.

Rocky [Zayed Khan] could have passed on as just another rich youngster who had loving parents, a beautiful girlfriend and a happy-go-lucky life. Except for the fact that inspite of all these good things in life, he wasn't satisfied.

He wasn't satisfied with the way society functioned.
He wasn't satisfied with the way law and order situation prevailed in his city.
He wasn't satisfied with the way the people chose to life with a callous attitude and still never complained.

He wanted things around him to improve. And when that didn't seem to happen inspite of all his earnest ways, he only had one option that remained.

Turn into a REBEL.....a rebel who came with a CAUSE!

A cause that prompted him to fight injustice, corruption and wrong doings around him. So what if this pitted him against his own parents who just like any other caring couple wanted Rocky to live a normal life and aim for a better future ahead. But this is what made Rocky different.

He didn't just want HIS future to be good. He wanted the future of EVERYONE around him to be secure!

The relationship between Rocky and his father didn't seem to improve as Rocky continued in his endeavor to change the world while his father considered it to be a futile exercise. Not someone who could sit and wait for things to happen, the rebellion in Rocky made him take law in his own hands when need arose and when his father reprimanded for his way of working, he was addressed as a coward by Rocky.

Until one dark night changed it all......

In the world of lawlessness and cruelty, Rocky got caught in a web from where it was extremely difficult to find his way out. Labeled as a killer, he got into trouble from which there was only one way out - to enter a new world and change his approach towards life. And for that he had one place to go - his parents!

Left with no option but to live life on their terms, Rocky surrendered to the situation and started molding himself as a different person.

A person who had to keep his eyes shut in the worst of adversities.
A person who chose to be quiet even when things around him were terrible.
A person who had to ignore the wrongdoings around him even when the rebel in him wanted to do otherwise.

In short, Rocky was not THE Rocky that used to be in his early days.

But was the change in place and culture going to tie him to his new personality forever? That too inspite of the fact that whether it is people, problems of society in general - everything was just the same.

Or would the real self of Rocky rise from the ashes once again?

Would Rocky be named as THE REBEL all over again?

With pretty girls Isha Shravani and Miniessha Lamba in the lead with Rajat Bedi as the main baddie, 'Rocky - The Rebel' is directed by Suresh Krissna who has directed 'Love', 'Jagruti' and 'Abhay' in the past. A Shyam Bajaj film, 'Rocky' arrives at theatres near you on August 18th.