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Rocky the Revenge - A Cop Dog's touching story

Sunday, April 14, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Veteran Bollywood producer-director K.C. Bokadia who has worked with megastars Amitabh Bachan, Rajinikanth, Shah Rukh Khan and others is debuting in Tamil with 'Rocky the Revenge' a touching saga of a cop dog who seeks revenge on those who killed his boss and master. Children who are the target audience would love the antics of Rocky and his twin brother.

The film opens with twin German Shepherd puppies who are stolen by thieves and one ot them falls out of the vehicle and is hurt badly. Srikanth is a no-nonsense cop who lives with his loving wife Ishanya rescues the puppy and not only brings him up as Rocky but also makes him a police dog. Srikanth arrests a dreaded rowdy O.A.K Sundar who is the henchman of a politician Sayaji Shinde. The bad men turn Srikanth's subordinates against him and brutally murder him with the only eyewitness being Rocky. The rest of the story is about how Rocky takes revenge on the villain and what happened to his loving twin brother stolen by the thieves.

Srikanth has done his best to nail the role of a fiery cop especially in the fights scenes and he is also at his romantic best in his scenes with Ishaniya. The heroine Ishanya too has scope to perform after she loses her husband before which she provides the oomph factor. Nassar as the mentor of Srikanth, OAK Sundar and Sayaji Shinde do what is expected of them while Brahmanandam tries to tickle the funny bones in vain. It is Rocky's show all the way as the huge German Shepherd is so soft and vulnerable when playing with his boss and her wife but turns ferocious when attacking the villains. There is also an emotional scene when the twin German Shepherds meet which will surely attract kids.

What works best in 'Rocky the Revenge' is the first half which moves at a lively pace even though its a cliched subject. The huge dog as mentioned above is the biggest plus of the film and the director has handled its scenes quite effectively. Giving the dog a backstory and also getting the twins to join in the end is a nice twist.

On the downside lack of novelty in the subject and the execution is what mars the film and prevents it from appealing to all sections of the audiences apart from its target audience which is children.

Veteran music director Bappi Lahiri is in charge of the music scoring in melodies as usual, The cinematography and editing are passable. K.C. Bokadia at his age has enthusiastically debuted in Tamil and has attempted to mix the long lost brothers theme of yesteryear Bollywood with a revenge saga and has depended on his canine artiste to deliver and partially succeeds.

Verdict : Go for this one if you are an animal lover and for a clean family entertainer for children.

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