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Rowthiram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 13, 2011 • Tamil ]
Rowthiram Review
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Jeeva, Shriya Saran
R B Choudary
Prakash Nikki

Expectations are obviously high on 'Rowthiram', for it is Jiiva's very next offering after the blockbuster 'Ko'. Does the movie directed by newcomer Gokul live up to all hype? Partly yes is the answer that comes from the heart, though the mind refuses to accept it.
The film begins on a brisk note and falls flat as it progresses. The big saving grace is Jiiva's teriffic screen presence and his commendable performance. Gokul has ensured that the movie is loud and clear- portraying Jiiva as an angry young man.
The film starts in the 1980s. A young Shiva (Jiiva) is taught by his grandfather (Prakash Raj) to be bold and brave and fight against all odds, especially all that's evil. Shiva grows up with his grandfather's words as the Bible.
However, Shiva's parents (Jayaprakash and Lakshmi) want him to lead a peaceful life. Enters Priya (Shriya), a law college student. She is the daughter of a police official (Babu Antony). Obviously it's romance between the young man and the woman.
Meanwhile, Shiva is forced to earn the wrath of a goon (Ganesh Acharya) and also he crosses swords with another baddie called Gowri. The rest, which is supplemented by electrifying stunt sequences, is about how Shiva emerges victor against all odds.
Jiiva carries the whole burden on his shoulders. As an angry young man who is waiting to clean the society, Jiiva is impressive. He seems to be getting mature as an actor with each film. But sadly the weak script lets him down here.
Shriya hogs limelight playing a meaty role. She has apparently enjoyed doing every frame of it. She is glamourous and her onscreen chemistry with Jiiva is good. Prakash Raj as usual pulls it off convincingly doing a cameo.
Jayaprakash and Lakshmi play dotting parents, while Ganesh Acharya, a popular Bollywood choreographer, has been wasted in a mindless role. A song featuring him is impressive. Prakash Niki's music is foot-tapping while other technical departments are okay.
Produced by R B Choudhary, 'Rowthiram', which runs for more than two-and-half hours, chronicles the anger, agony and frustration of a young man. Gokul seems to have done his best in the first half. But a swift screenplay especially in the second half would have made a world of difference.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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