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Run Anthony Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 9, 2016 • Kannada ]
Run Anthony Review
Vinay RajkumarRukhsar MirSushmita Joshi
Raghu Shastri
Parvathamma RajkumarRaghavendra RajkumarGuru Rajkumar
Manikanth Kadri

Title - Run Antony, Producers - Vajreshwari Combines and Dr Rajakumar Hospitalities, Direction - Raghu Shastry, Music - Manikanth Khadri, Cinematography - Karam Chawla, Cast - Vinay Rajakumar, Ruksar, Sushmita Joshi, Devaraj, Bullet Prakash, Sridhar, Shivaji Rao Jadhav and others.
Vinay Rajakumar second film ‘Run Antony’ created lot of hype has not lived up to the expectations. The shoddy style of narration with lack of punch, grip and determination ‘Run Antony’ falls flat. In his debut Raghu Shastry has not used the great opportunity given by prestigious banner of Dr Rajakumar family. There are very usual and casual scenes - not expected from youngster like Raghu Shastry. As a matter of fact ‘Siddarth’ was a much better film.

Firstly he has not constructed the character of Antony to the present scenario and generation. The suicide idea is outdated. The days of living stronger are seen. Provoking weak minds in case of failure is the most distressing part of this director. Secondly the reasons behind female liquid suicide bomber are also not explained. The punch required with this kind of ‘Terrorism’ subject is not fed in the film. The music, cinematography and Dattanna portions are plus points of this film ‘Run Antony’.

Antony (Vinay Rajakumar) son of a soldier is not able to express his love for Kannika (Sushmita Joshi) at the early stage. When he fixes the time, he and his friends are surprised. Kannika is sharing a bed with another boy friend. This is the most dejected part for Antony. He jumps from a height but his life is saved. He now picks the route of railway track. He finds Yashu (Ruksar Meer) attacked by a gang. He saves her and postpones his death for the sake Yashu who is alone. Antony spends on the needs of Yashu because her wallet is stolen. He finds a shock when she meets her boyfriend - Yashu is fitted with liquid bomb around her waist. A ghastly blast is termed as terrorist attack. Obviously Antony is looked by the police for his movement with Yashu.

Antony is on a run. He traces a clue to the family of Yashu. He is not able to judge the fake moves of Yashu elders in the family. He is advised to move to Dubai via Mangaluru. In his journey he is caught by police. The upright cop Khan by this time collect data on Antony and in a moving vehicle he wants to know the truth from Antony.

There is a shock here too. You better know in the theatres. Antony runs again to avoid further damages from terrorists in other parts of the country.

Vinay Rajakumar looks handsome and he has a good height. Improvement is needed in dialogue delivery. He dances well but again weak in romance. Ruksar looks charming and Sushmitha Joshi is beautiful on screen. KS Sridhar, Devaraj, Dattanna, Shyalaja have given good support. Bullet Prakash comedy is irritating.

Khadri Manikanth has given good show with three lovely songs. Puneeth Rajakumar Janak on top. The duo in camera Karam Chawla and Manohar Joshi are also in top gear.

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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