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Saawan - The Love Season Preview

Saawan - The Love Season Peview
Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani,
Saawan Kumar
Aadesh Shrivastava

Saawan - The Love Season

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

What do you believe in? DESTINY or COINCIDENCE?
Are these two different things? Or are they two sides of the same coin?

Producer/director Saawan Kumar aims at telling a story about destiny and coincidence and brings to fore three signs that you cannot ignore:

The First Sign You Cannot Explain
The Second Sign You Cannot Ignore
The Third Sign You Cannot Believe

And then he asks an important question through his lead protagonist played by Salman Khan:

Whether everything that happens to you is due to God, Love, Coincidence, Destiny.....or is there something else?

'Saawan - The Love Season' is a movie about two individuals who are in love. Both of them have conflicting views about life where the guy [Salman Khan] feels that it is DESTINY that drives the world whereas the girl looks at things to be a mere coincidence! As they enjoy their company in Cape Town while being heads over heels in love with each other, an unfortunate incident happens that simply shatters the guy.

His girl is no more with him while he too reaches the doorstep of death, only to come back alive!

And now in his new life, Salman Khan has the powers to look into the future and predict what's going to happen next! Almighty gives him with a unique intuitive ability of foresight and though for some this may be a boon but for him, it was a difficult situation to be in. He can see calamities, trouble, death - everything and in one such premonition, he senses an accident that is about to happen on the road!

He comes face to face with his lost-lover while trying to save her from the terrible accident!

Now what was this? DESTINY or mere COINCIDENCE?

The story takes one more twist from hereon as he comes up with one more prediction that is going to change the lives of everyone around!

What was this prediction? And how would it affect the lives of everyone around the man? Can mysticism and practicality go hand in hand? Would a story like this get enough believers in today's time?

Also starring Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani, who were the lead pair in Saawan Kumar's last film 'Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya', 'Saawan' has Kiran Rathod as the other heroine along with Prem Chopra, Ranjeet, Bobby Darling and Johny Lever.