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Salaam Namaste Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 10, 2005 • Hindi ]
Salaam Namaste Review
Yash Raj Films
Saif Ali Khan, Preity Zinta, Arshad Warsi, Tania Zaetta
Siddharth Anand
Aditya Chopra
Vishal - Shekar

Venturing into a multiplex to catch 'Salaam Namaste', one looks forward to watching a frothy love story that is youthful, energetic, peppy, fun and a feel good entertainer. For the first one hour of the movie, the story moves exactly as per the expectations. The remainder of the movie too doesn't disappoint but for a glaring observation:

It turns out to be a scene by scene, frame by frame, dialogue by dialogue, _expression by _expression copy [COPY, and not INSPIRATION] of Hugh Grant - Julianne Moore starrer Nine Months [1995]!

And this is where a little bit of disappointment sets in for those who have already watched the Hollywood comedy. But for others who haven't, it's a wholesome entertainer nevertheless!

The BOY is Nick, Nikhil Arora [Saif Ali Khan], an architect who migrates to Melbourne from Ludhiana and chooses to be the head chef of an Indian restaurant 'Nick Of Time'. He is witty, he is wicked, he is fun to work with and wants to live life on his own terms [for example, reading newspaper and [hold-your-breath] drink milk while in the restroom]. Above all, he likes sleeping for long hours. Quite possible for him as he stays all alone with no responsibilities to worry about.

The GIRL is Ambar, Ambar Malhotra [Prety Zinta], who too has left her native place [Bangalore] behind! Why? Because she is young, she is pretty, she wants to have fun and her parents have exactly the opposite in their mind - they want her to get married! She chooses otherwise and is en route for a career for herself in medicine while earning some quick money as a radio jockey [RJ] for the radio station - SALAAM NAMASTE.

A no-show at her scheduled show of the interview of Nick - the celebrity chef - is what brings daggers out for Ambar. The daggers soon turn into roses and after a few cool sequences, dance on the beach and the beginning of affection happens the inevitable - they fall in love!!

This is where the novelty factor comes in as the couple doesn't decide to marry and instead decide to live in together to understand each other more. They are friends who are into a relationship. But marriage? Naah !! Because they are ultra cool, they wanna have some fun and above all they want to give it a try before they eventually take 'saat pheras'.

Both also have their own set of friends. While Ambar is friendly with ultra rich Gujju classmate Jignesh [Jugal Hansraj], Nick shares great vibes with Ranjan Mathur a.k.a. Ron [Arshad Warsi], who gets married to Tania Zaetta after 'one dance stand'!

Life moves on quite smooth as they have a rollicking time with each other. They adjust living in with each other, change their eating habits, their living ways, share some passionate moments together [yes, Preity and Saif lip lock twice on screen] and above all tolerate their whacky 'Crocodile Dundee' inspired landlord Javed Jaffrey [a Bihar migrant turned rich Australian cum Indians hater!]

But things change when Ambar accidentally gets pregnant. Nick wants the child to be aborted and is afraid of commitment while Ambar wants to keep the child and get married.

This is where 'Nine Months' begins with little similarity to `Kya Kehna' as well. While in Nine Months, the couple is already married with the only issue being male protagonist's phobia of kids, Salaam Namaste is further progressive with Saif being phobic even to marriage, let aside taking care of the kid.

The movie is all set on the right path in the beginning itself with the way character of Saif convinces Preity to go for a live in relationship. It just not convinces her but the even the audience due to sheer simplicity, honesty and innocence. Though one is sure that sparks of passion to fly is inevitable, that forms just one minor aspect in the bigg

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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