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Sapno Ki Rani Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, August 5, 2015 • Kannada ]
Sapno Ki Rani Review
Aishwaraya, Srujan

Title - Sapnoki Raani, Producers - Gangaraju, Indramma and Prasad, Direction - Arun and Prasad, Music - Dharma Vish, Cinamatography - Jagadish Wali, Cast - Srujan Lokesh, Aishwarya Sindogi, Avinash, Shobaraj, Tennis Krishna, Honnavalli Krishna and others.

With a title like `Sapno Ki Raani' - one expected a replica of dream girl theory. It is not so. It is full of tragedy. The heroine of this film Aishwarya Sindhogi dies three times in the film. There is flash back of historical portion. In this portion both hero and heroines are stabbed and killed. It is twin role again for Aishwarya Sindhogi - both characters dies making it shattered dreams for the protagonist.

The duo directors Arun and Prasad miss logic in the screenplay and the support they got from ace cameraman Jagadish Wali is admirable. Cinematography is first hero of this film. Wali takes a tour to hilly region of Coorg in the second half of the film.

Like how we understand - what you sow you grow, there is return for wrong doings to the protagonist quickly in this film. A trickster making money to lead his life Krishna (Srujan Lokesh) with his sidekick Chikka (Chikkanna) pay for mistake. They are duped by a team of three living in Coorg. For this duping the poems of one of the three Ashok in the name of Priya is responsible. Krishna admires this Priya for very good quality. He wants to meet Priya. When he comes to meet Priya - trio with no livelihood hatches a plot. They place the photo of Aishwarya Sindhogi on the wall. The trio makes Krishna and Chikka to believe Priya is no more. Soon the trio faces insult and they admit the mistake they have done.

What transforms once Krishna finds his dream girl is nothing but tragedy in his life. Twin sisters (Aishwarya Sindhogi) guarded by caring father finds the fatal end in life. The dejected Krishna and Chikka return back to the mechanic job in life.

Srujan Lokesh is cool and composed. The jovial status for him is missing again. Aishwarya Sindhogi is a heroine of future. Ashok, Chikkanna, Suchindra Prasad, Girija Lokesh extended good support.

Two songs of Dharma Vish are melodious. There is another peppy number. Camera work of Jagadish Wali deserves awards for him.

Score - 5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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