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Sarcastic samiyar : The week of Ummunu Gammunu Jammunu

Monday, October 8, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Nithyananda alaparaigal :

Ever heard of the word Avatara Purushan, that title suits best for our MahaKAMArishi Nithyananda Swamigal. What powerstar is to Kollywood, Nithyananda is to Gurus. His recent Kalaka Povathu Yaru entry type with lighting, sounds and magic showed that he has mastered the art of Sunda kanchi..sry Kundalini. He is seen performing some VFX magic, showing all his 31 teeth (1 broke when cuddling with Ranjitha). So why all of a sudden my friend is doing facial, refreshing his Phd in illiteracy and doing varnajalam? Politics? Maybe, I think the world has seen enough politics by Politicians, its time buffoons and weirdos enter the game.

Vijay's new party name is here

UGJ, yes you heard it right. That is Thalapathy Vijay's party name. Speaking at a privately hosted public event the actor talked a few things about how his party will shape up. He promised that when he becomes the CM, he will not act; the meaning of act is however a confused oxford dictionary word, so up to you to understand. When doing a research on how he managed to come up with the party name – Ummunu, Gammunu, Jammunu… it was revealed that it came from one of the punch dialogues that Perarusu had written for Sivakasi. All the best sir.

BCCI to Produce and Ravi Shastri to direct Settha Paambu:

The Bored of Cricket Comedy India are producing a flick which will be directed by International Dokku Mannan Ravi Mesthri. The film name is "How to beat dead snake", roughly translated as "Settha Paamba epadi adikarathu". The film will have Virat Kohli as the hero along with the entire India600028 team. The settha Paambu in the film is West Indies, full on all new cast. Why they are making this film is the question on everyone’s lips. Rumor is that end of this year Indian team will be working with Australian team who are high on energy, so in order to stop incurring loss then they are trying to gain Box office by working with West Indies. Lights, Camera and action!

Life after Bigg Boss:

Life after Bigg Boss is always hard, without Bigg Boss, spoilt Aishwarya, clueless Sendrayan and Balaji’s mokkai jokes the audience were left orphaned. Without the staged reality show the viewers switched channel to Raj TV and had to watch the film - Indian for 1000th time. Vijay TV too is trying innovative combinations by clubbing ex-Bigg Boss contestants with Super singer junior, senior, expired and Jodi NO.1. Life indeed is hard for everyone, time for Vijay TV to open a news channel and join the circus.

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