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Seena Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 9, 2009 • Kannada ]
Seena Review
Ankitha Productions
Tarun, Priyanka Chandra,Antara Reddy, Ramesh Bhat, Kishori Ballal, Mico Nagaraj, SudhaBelawadi, Ninasam Ashwath, Suryakiran
Basavaraj Bellary
Murali, Kuppuraj
AT Ravish

`Seena' is good for its lovely songs that are meaningful, lovely music from AT Ravish and excellent cinematography by Jagadish Wali. `Seena' is like modern day Robin Hood. He can do anything for money and what he does from such huge money is the suspense director Basavaraj Bellary maintains. In the first attempt Basavaraj has made a few good thoughts but the first half is routine and senseless. Nothing happens to hold the interest in a stunning style.

Seena (Tharun) is an orphan. His job is to encounter and he will do it for a huge ransom. While the police are in search of this killer Seena is eluding. Seena is taking care of the street children in his own way but the missing of street children brings Seena behind the bars. He is produced in the court and he has no one to argue his case. At the last minute arrives daughter of judge who is a secret lover of Seena. In the argument the advocate urge the team of judiciary and police to reach a spot. This is where the flash back opens up. Seena has taken up the daunting task of taking care of orphan children on the insistence of his lover Hrudaya (Priyanka) who is also an orphan died of epileptic attack. The Yeomen service of Seena is even lauded by police and judiciary. But what happens to the killings Seena has made. Seena dies in front of the grave where his much adored Hrudaya is buried.

It is difficult to imagine the Chaco boy Tharun in the role of a killer. He is good in romantic scenes. The role of Priyanka is beyond her age. She has taken the challenge and done in it well. Antara Reddy does not get noticed. Once again Sadhu Kokila is irritating.

The songs scored by AT Ravish - Yaridhu Ho Yagidhu.Ivara Shapa Ninage Paapa Kandukollo Ivara Thapa.addressing to almighty the fate of orphans, Nannalli Kadodhu Nieenena.., Chanchala Jotadha Ancheya Odhidhe..and Jeeva Midiyuthidhe Ninna Olavina Swaragalalli..are good on screen too. Jagadish Wali has given a pleasant treat to the eyes.

The first half is punch less and second half is emotion filled. An average attempt from Ankitha Productions!

Scoring 7/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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