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Siddhartha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 16, 2016 • Telugu ]

Just what was the director thinking when he was projecting Sagar (who rose to small-screen stardom after 'Mogali Rekulu') in this much-touted "violent love story"?  Neither Sagar is brilliant enough to carry whole scenes with a troubled-is-my-past expression on his face, nor is he lucky enough here to get help from a director who leaves his character in the lurch during the second half.

Surya Prathap (Sagar) moves to Malaysia in search of peace after killing the murderer of his 'prajala manishi' father.  Vikram (Ajay) is seething with impotent rage, having missed the opportunity to avenge his father's murder.  Surya has to live there incognito, calling himself Siddhartha.  Sahasra, a Radio Jockey he accidentally meets aboard Malaysia, falls in love with him.  Cupid strikes and, marking the occasion of 'smiles day', Surya Prathap alias Siddhartha starts smiling too much for some while, urged by a heroine who claims to be listening to philosophy even when nobody is talking philosophy. She gets pregnant in no time.  At this point of time, Bapineedu (Kota Srinivasa Rao), Vikram's pacifist elder, brokers a deal between the warring feuds.  Surya Prathap now has a difficult choice to make when Sahasra calls it quits with good intentions.

The story line is good and there sure was potential to develop it into a gripping narration.  But Dayanand's directorial style was never inclined to do that, for all we know.  It may be gauged from the way romantic scenes are backed up with soothing music and much indulgence (although not entertaining), whereas action scenes and defining moments involving Surya Prathap and Vikram are given a raw deal.

That the hero's character becomes almost static in the latter part is a glaring lose end.

The scenes involving Subbu Raju, Ranadheer and Ragini (actress who plays Sahasra) should have been dealt with in a much more nuanced way.

The comedy track involving Sathyam Rajesh and Tagubothu Ramesh, who play event managers with no competence, has no competence.  After a thoroughly serious first half, the second half is light-touch in two respects: the hero is less active, and the villain is in hibernation.  The tragedy is, the latter has a reason for being like that, but the former should have had no reason to be so.

The attempt at creating drama around Apsara (played by Sakshi Chowdhary) and Sahasra falls flat.  Imagine the bridegroom asking for the event manager seconds before getting married!

Not that Sagar is not talented, but he shouldn't try to swallow more than what he can chew.  More than his stock expressions and body built, it's the dubbing that is out-of-place.  Ragini is expressive, but lacks grace.  Ajay, Subbu Raju, Sakshi Chowdhary, Ranadheer, and others pass muster.  Tagubothu Ramesh is unwatchable when he is not drunk.

Mani Sharma's talent doesn't have an opportunity to make it.  Neither does the BGM brighten up the proceedings.  S Gopal Reddy's cinematography is good.

Verdict:  'Siddhartha' is an action-romance that suffers from weak characterizations, lack of velocity, lack of a strong male lead and imaginative dialogues.

Rating: 2.00 / 5.0

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