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Soggadu Preview

Soggadu Peview
Tarun, Arti Agarwal
Ravi Babu
Suresh productions


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • తెలుగు Comments

When Soggadu is indeed released, the audience will doubtless be distracted by the off-screen drama surrounding the film.

In fact, what started as typical and innocuous rumor over the lead pair has now snowballed into a nasty controversy that it has completely overshadowed the film.

And that is something that the director Ravi Babu and producer Suresh would not have bargained for. Because living to hype is difficult enough. Living up to controversies is something else altogether.

Interestingly, Soggadu, on its own, may pass muster. The film is a triangle love story with a difference.

The lead pair is of course Tarun and Aarti Agarwal. The third angle is of course Jugal Hansraj, the baby-faced Bollywood star.

Though the producer and director do not want to talk about the story, they say the film, with its unique treatment, will have a universal appeal.

For the hero Tarun, as we have gone tried of writing, Soggadu is a make or break film.

It is eons since he had a passable hit. He needs a decent run to keep himself in the run.

Aarti Agarwal, on the hand, mired in controversies, also wants a hit. But it is a moot point now whether she wants to continue in the industry itself. She is highly emotionally shattered these days.

Jugal Hansraj, a compact actor, has a very role in the film.

Chakris's songs have already made a mark in the market. Though slightly loud, they have been lapped by the listeners.

The promos of the film have also gone down well with the viewers. They are full of technical gloss and finesse.

The film has to now match that.