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Speed Track Music Review

Speed Track Music Review
Dileep, Gajala, Madhu Warrier, Riyaz Khan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar
Deepak Dev
Fast Track
Lively, likable
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, August 9, 2006 • മലയാളം] Comments

Deepak Dev has made some rapid strides in the last few years. The music director knows what the audience wants. He also understands what is a good melody. He combines mass and melody adroitly. And mostly it works.

Paattum Paady (KJ. Yesudas)

It is a simple melody with the inescapable rhythm pad accompaniments. K J Yesudas may no longer be in his peak. But the master still retains that melody. In this song, he is not called to reach for the higher octaves. In the event, what you have is a soft, wafting melody. Uncomplicatedly attractive.

Oru Kinnara Gaanam (Udith Narayanan, Sujatha)

It is always slightly disconcerting to hear Udit Narayan pronounce the soft Malayalam syllables. He normally butchers them. But here he sings well within himself. But you listen to Udit not for his pronunciations but for his natural lilt and singing talent.

Mercifully, he doesn't let you down on that. In a modern melody duet, he combines with typical alacrity, and what you have is another cute song. Nothing out of ordinary. But at the same time, not a bad one.

Kokkokko (Vineeth Srinivasan, Rimi Tomy)

Vineeth Sreenivasan is on a career high after the Chanthupottu hit. In this out and out masti mass song, Vineeth is in his elements. The lyrics maybe inane. But it is interesting and makes you snap your fingers in rhythms and tap your foot in dancing delight. It is a rambunctiously good. Vineeth's singing is also very open and bold, suggesting that the young lad is set for higher things. Rimi Tomi is also very enthusiastic. A good mass number, overall. Perhaps the pick of the album.

Neratthe (Jassie)

Jassie Gift starts with his typical heavy-voiced confidence. In this rock-like number, he is joined by George Peter and Deepak Dev. It is an out and out rock number --- a campus song --- the beats being heavy. Good for parties and fun time.

Paattum Paady (Karoke)

This is a karoke of the first song. Eminently enjoyable in just the music format.

Kokkokko (remix)

It is remix time folks. The same team does it again. But somehow it seems a pale imitation of the original in the same album. Perhaps the western beats don't sync with the earthy, folksy tune.

Deepak Dev, overall, has given a good mix. A lively, likable album.